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Book10 Module6Unit1 We’ll see lots of stones.

小学英语全英文说课稿 Today I’m going to talk about New Standard English book10Module6Unit1 We’ll see lots of stones. This class mainly deals with: the simple future tense一般将来时态

一.Teaching aims

1. Aims on the knowledge

(1) To enable the Ss to understand and speak the words: place地点circle圆圈build建造 solve解决hope希望

(2) To help Ss to speak the sentences: What will we see there? We’ll see lots of very big stones. How will we get there? By car. And make sure that Ss can use the sentences in real situation.

2. Aims on the abilities

(1) To develop Ss’ abilities of listening and speaking.

(2) To train the Ss’ ability of working in groups.

(3) To foster Ss’ abilities of communication and their innovation.

3. Aims on the emotion

(1) To foster Ss’ consciousness of good co-operation and proper competition.

(2) 能对西方文化感兴趣;鼓励学生了解名胜,热爱祖国。Be interested in western culture;Encourage the students to understand the scenic spot, and love our motherland.

二.Teaching important points:

(1) To help Ss to understand and speak the words: place circle build solve hope

(2) To enable Ss to use the sentences: What will we see there? We’ll see lots of very big stones. How will we get there? By car.

(3) To develop Ss’ interests in English.

三.Teaching preparation:

Cards, pictures, game, tape

四、Teaching methods:

As we all know: the main instructional aims of learning English in Primary school is to cultivate pupils basic abilities in listening and speaking and their good sense of English language. So in this lesson I’ll mainly use”Task-based’ teaching method. That is to say, I will let Ss learn in real situations. And in this lesson cards,pictures and tape will be needed. Students should prepare some school things, too.

五.Teaching steps and purposes of my designing.

I’ll finish this lesson in 6 steps

Step 1. Warm-up

1. Greeting.

2. Sing a song.<The more we get together.>

3. Free talk. T: What will you do this Sunday? Ss:I will…..

Step 2. Presentation

1.I’ll teach the new words : place circle build solve hope ,in real context. Then practice by rising-falling tone升降调 and with sentences.

2.Learn the text

T:Amy and Lingling are going to see Stonehenge.Do you know? Let’s see. I’ll explain Stonehenge with pictures and simple words.

3.Listen and answer

When are Amy and Lingling going to see Stonehenge?

What will they see?

How will they get there?

4. Listen and imitate

5. Read by themselves and find the sentences with “will”. Then read the sentences with “will” together.

6. I’ll make a chant according to the main sentences.


1.T:We know May Day is coming. Where will you go? What will you see? How will you get there? How many hours will it take? First,I will let Ss discuss in groups. Then communicate in class.

2.I will show my holiday plan and let Ss to imitate, Then write it down.

Step4 quize(小检测)

Activity bookP

Step5 summary(总结)

Guide Ss to recite the important sentences by asking and answering.

Step6 Homework:

1. Listen and imitate the text.

2. Finish the composition.作文

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