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flu, hurt, game, throat,excited.

1.In winter people often get the

2.How do they feel before starts? 3.A:What’s the matter? B: My feet 4.My 5.Mike kicks the ball. It’s a goal! Everybody is 二. 根据上下文的意思,完成下列句子。(18)

1.John is running home from school. He ______ ________ now.2. Today ,John’s mother buys him a new football. He _____ ______.3. John kicks the ball into the gate. He feels __________.4. John doesn’t like reading. He feels __________ 5.John fails his Chinese test. He feels _________.6. John doesn’t do well in Chinese. He feels _________ with himself. 三. 根据括号里中文或上下文的提示,完成下列各小题。(26分)

1.It’s ________星期天)。Mike,John and I are going to _________( 爬山 ).But John doesn’t feel well. His nose _________( 疼痛 ). ____________(他的喉咙) is _______(疼), He has _____________(头痛). H e has a high ___________(发烧). We think he must _________

______ ___( 感冒 ). Mike and I feel very worried and __________(忧愁). We take John to the ________( 医院). The doctor says:‘‘ _______( 别 ) worry! Take some medicine and _____(喝) some hot drinks. Stay _________(躺在床上) for a few days. He will get better soon.”2.Sarah________ ________( 不用上学 ) on her winter holiday. She feels _________(无聊). Chen Jie and Amy call her. They are going to _________ ( 捉蝴蝶). Sarah is _______( 兴奋 ). She _____ _____( 喜欢蝴蝶 ) very much. Chen Jie and Amy catch many but Sarah doesn”t catch anying. Sarah feels _______(生气 ) with herself. Chen Jie and Amy show their butterflies to her. Sarah feels very ______(高兴 ) to see so many colourful ______ (昆虫 ). They _____( 玩 ) all day long. At last they all get ______(累 ) and ________ ( 回家)。 四、选择(10分)

( ) 1. ____ the matter ?Awhat B. What’s C. How ( ) 2. I _______ a headache.A. having B. has C. have( ) 3. How _______you feel?A.doB. is .

does( ) 4. In winter people often get the___.A. hurt B. fever C. flu

( ) 5. If you are sick , you can see the _______ .A.

policeman B. doctor C. teacher( )6.He’s

excited.A. a B. so C.are( feel? A. u_____chopsticks. are B. is C. does( )8.I’m because I failed 七、判断正误。对的写T,错的写F。(15分)

my math test. A. sad B. happy C. tired( )9.I’m It’s Sunday afternoon. The weather is fine. There is a

because I got a new story book. A. angry B. tired C. happy( )10.How John feel when he failed his math test?A. do B. did C. does 五、从B栏选择A栏的正确答语。(10分) A B ( ) 1. How do you feel ? A. Yes, she is . ( ) 2. How does Amy feel ? B. She is tired. ( ) 3. What’s the matter ? C. I have a headache. ( ) 4. Is she happy ? D. Take some medicine. ( ) 5. What do you do if you have a flu ? E. I feel sick .have a fever . 六. 根据首字母填写,使句子通顺完整。(15分)

1.A: Mom, I feel s____.M: What’s the m________

with you?A: I don’t k______ I have a h_______. M: Oh, dear! I must t______you to s____ the d_________.

2. He h____ nothing to do . He feels b_____3. She has the flu . She must d______ hot d______ and s___in b____.4. I’m tired. I c_____ walk.5. My h_______ hurts. I can’t

football match between class 2 and class 4. Many students are watching .They’re excited. Now Zhangpeng has the ball. He passes it to Wu Yifan .But he can’t kick the ball. Then John has the ball. He kicks it.

The ball flies to Zhangpeng’s arm. Zhangpeng is very angry.

The ball files in to the gate. Their class kicks a goal. How is Zhangpeng feeling now? Guess! He is so happy! Hooray! Class 4 won the game. Class2 is very sad. ( ) 1. There is a basketball match on Sunday afternoon. ( ) 2. Wu Yifan can’t kick the ball.

( ) 3. Zhangpeng is happy when the ball flies to his arm. ( ) 4.Zhangpeng is happy when the ball flies into the

gate. ( ) 5. Class 2 is not sad in the end.

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