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i was two 课件

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Module 5 Unit 1

I was two.

I say “long” and you say “short” ,and do the action. Are you ready? tall---short fat---thin

old---young long---short big---small

Chant :
Tall, tall, tall.
Short, short, short.

I am tall.
You are short.

Fat, fat, fat.
Thin, thin, thin.

He is fat.
She is thin.

Cute, cute, cute.
Old, old, old.

It is cute.
They are old.

Young, young, young.

We are young.



He was short then. He is tall now.



She was thin then. She is fat now.



They were ____ young Now, they ___ are then. old.



Now they are big.

Then they were small.


Do you know ?

★am/is → was ★ are → were
I am……now. She is ……now.

I was …… then. She was ……then.

He is ……now. He was ……then. They are ……now. They were ……then.

小组内用 was/is/are/were说句子。 thin

Then she was fat.

Now She is thin.

Then they were small .

Now theyare big .

1. Who are they? A. My friends B. My grandparents 2. How old was Lingling? A. Two B. Ten

Read and fill in the blanks. young then. 1.They were _____

Now they are ______. old
was two then. 2. Lingling _____

short then. 3. Ling ling’s hair was _____
is long Now Ling ling’s hair____ _____.

1. --____ it fat then?

-- No, it wasn’t . It was thin.
A. Were B. Is C. Was

2. He _____ naughty then.
A. were B. is C. was

3. My sister ______ tall now. A. were B. is C. was

4. Then they ______ young . A . were B. are C. is

5. Now they _______ old . A. were B. are C . is

6. He was _____ then, now he is five. A. six B. three C. seven

1. They , fat , were , then. They were fat then. 2. are, They, grandparents, my They are my grandparents.

3. that, girl, is, Who, little Who is that little girl ? 4. hair, so ,was, short, Your Your hair was so short.

Let’s chant
Then then then. Let’s Then, chant! then, then, I was 2 . I was two. Now now now . Now, now, now, I am ten. I am 10. Then, Then then, then then,then. he was short. He was short. Now, now, now, he is tall. Now now now . Then, then, then, He is tall .we were thin. Now, now, now , we are fat.

1.Read the text with your partner.

2. 课外实践作业 制作迷你拼贴图。分别选取一张儿 时和现在的照片。在照片下用英文写 出有关年龄和外观的情况,下节课在 班上做汇报。

twenty-five short, naughty I was ten then. I was short and naughty. tall, beautiful But I am 25 now. I am tall and beautiful.

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