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五年级下册Unit 2 听力专项训练 A 卷 班别—————学号——姓名————————

一、听录音,选出与录音相符合的一项,并将其字母编号填在题前的括号里。(每小题1分,共10分) ( )1、A: spring B: snow C: sleep ( )2、A: fall B: four C: north ( )3、A: why B: sky C: fly ( )4、A: make B: week C: hike

( )5、A: plant trees B: fly kites C: play snow ( )6、A: go to work B: go home C: go to school ( )7、A: in winter B: in spring C: in summer

( )8、A: Which season do like best? B: Which year do you like best ?

C: Which season do you like best ?

( )9、A: We often plant trees in the morning. B: We often plant trees in fall.

C: We often plant trees in spring.

( )10、A: I can play with snow in winter. B: I can swim in the sea in summer.

C: I can go skating in winter.


1、( ) 2、( ) 3、( ) 4、( ) 5、( )

( )6、Mike likes summer very much. ( )7、Teacher’s Day is in summer.

( )8、Amy often flies kites in fall. ( )9、We can swim in the lake in summer.

( )10、They don’t like winter.


( )1、A . They are students. B. They are yellow. C. They are hungry.

( )2、A . Because it is too cold. B. Because it is too hot. C . Because it is too windy. ( )3、A . She likes fall best. B . He likes playing football best. C. I like spring best. ( )4、A . I often have a picnic in a park. B I would like to climb mountains.

C. I can make a snowman in the school.

( )5、A Yes, he is. B. Yes, he does. C . Yes, it is.


1、 I like . 2、 My favourite is 3、We can in . 4、 do you like ?

5、I want to .


( )1、Mike doesn’t like winter. ( )2、Mike likes swimming in summer.

( )3、John likes summer best. ( )4、Children’s Day is in spring.

( )5、John can plant trees in spring.

五年级下册Unit 2听力专项训练B卷 班别—— 学号— —姓名————————

一、听录音,选出与录音相符合的一项,并将其字母编号填在题前的括号里。(每小题1分,共10分) ( )1、A: bed B: best C: better ( )2、A: skate B: sleep C: swim ( )3、A: summer B: sunny C: Sunday ( )4、A: Why B: Which C: When ( )5、A: play with B: play in C: play because

( )6、A: Halloween B: Thanksgiving C: Christmas

( )7、A: go to sleep B: go to bed C: go home

( )8、A: Why do you like summer? B: Why do you like Monday? C: Why do you like apples ? ( )9、A: When is the best time to swim?. B: When is the best time to skate?

C: When is the best time to sleep?

( )10、A: What’s your favourite season? B: What’s your favourite class? C: What’s your favourite book?



2、 3、 4、 5、

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

( )6、They often go hiking in winter. ( )7、I like spring, because I can plant trees.

( )8、Sarah goes to the library on the weekend. ( )9、In Fall, it is sunny and cool.

( )10、Jack likes swimming, so he likes summer.


( )1、A I like summer best. B I like New Year’s Day. C I like apples best.

( )2、A. Because I don’t like Spring. B .Because I like playing with snow. C. Because I want to sleep.. ( )3、A Yes, I do. B Yes, it is. C No, I doesn’t.

( )4、A We can plant trees. B We can skate on the ice. C We can go home.

( )5、A I wear my T-shirt. B I wear my coat. C I wear my schoolbag.


1、 It is ’t .

2、 We often on the weekend.

3、Why do you like winter ? we can a long time. .

4、In the ,we often .

5、They often .


( )1、It is very hot in summer. ( )2、Amy and Sarah watch TV at home.

( )3、They swim in a lake. ( )4、They are happy.

( )5、They like summer.

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