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Unit 1教案

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Module2 London

Unit 1 London is the capital of England

Teaching aims: London is the capital of England.

And it's very big!

Teaching Importance and difficulties: How to describe?

Teaching tools: Recorder

Teaching steps:

step1: Warm up

1) Sing a song

2) Move round the classroom, pick up an object and say, "What 's this?" Point to another object and say ' What's that? "The students can respond, "It's a (n)...\ That's a (n)..."(Do many examples with the class.)

3) Have the students do the activity in pairs. Remind

them that the word' this is used for people or objects

we are touching or close to .'That 'is used for people

or objects that some distance away.

Step2: Learn and practice

1) Get the students to look at the pictures and see if

they can work out what is happening. Ask them question in Chinese e.g: What are the children looking at in the first picture?

What are the children doing in picture4?

What are they looking at in the last picture?

2) Revise 'big' and 'small', and pick up or point to objects in the classroom, say ,'This is \That is small' or 'This is \That is big.'(Do many examples with the class.)

3) Tell the students that you are going to pick up or touch things and they have to say if they are big or small. Remind the students that they will have to use 'that's' as they will be some distance away from the objects.(point to some of the things in the story and have individual students tell you if they are big or small.)

4) Point and say

revise the adjectives the students know, including colours, e.g. big

small,naughty.clever,short,thin,fat, small,long, red,yellow.

Now point to objects on different pages in the book

and say what each one is . The students have to make

a statement about each object using an adjective.( Have the students continue the activity in pairs.)

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