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Unit 1 Has it arrived yet?

Milky Way

spaceship Solar system


Match the words with the following pictures. A. scientist B. Earth C. Mars C D. moon E. space shuttle E F. land G. space station B




[??θ] [mu?n] [nju?z] [‘pl?n?t] [ri?t?] [d??st] [‘m?dl] [‘spe?s??p] [‘pr?d?ekt] [‘le?t?st] [d?‘sk?v?] [‘?str?n??t]

n.地球 n.月亮 n.新闻 n.行星 v.到达 adv.刚才 n.模型 n.航天员 n.计划 adj.最近的 v.发现 n.宇航员

Earth [??θ] moon [mu?n] news [nju?z] planet [‘pl?n?t] reach [ri?t?] Just [d??st] model [‘m?dl] spaceship [‘spe?s??p] project [‘pr?d?ekt] latest [‘le?t?st] discover [d?‘sk?v?] astronaut [‘?str?n??t]

n.地球 n.月亮 n.新闻 n.行星 v.到达 adv.刚才 n.模型 n.航天员 n.计划 adj.最近的 v.发现 n.宇航员

Listen and number the words as you hear them. 4 earth 1 message 5 news 3 reach 4 land 2 moon 7 planet 8 scientist 6

2. Listen again and complete the notes. ● news about the trip to (1) _________ Mars ● journey of (2) _________ months eight ● has not sent back any (3) messages _________ yet

● hope to find (4) _______ on Mars life

Read and answer the questions.
1. What school project have Daming and Tony got?

Making a model of the spaceship.
2. How does Daming feel about the school project?

He isn’t sure how to make the model.
3. What news has Tony heard?

The spaceship to Mars has reached there.
4. Has anyone been to Mars? Why?

No one has been to Mars yet ,because Mars is very far away,much farther than the moon.

4. Complete the passage with the
correct form of the words in the box. Arrive, discover, planet, send, yet

On today’s news, Tony has heard
that scientists have (1) ____ sent a spaceship

to Mars and it has (2) _______ arrived on the (3)
_____ after a journey of several months planet from the earth. Scientists have not (4) _________ yet And no discovered life on Mars (5) ___. astronaut has ever been to Mars because it is very far away.

Listen and choose the best answer 1. Tony has just made a model of the _______. A. spaceship B. space shuttle C. rocket 2. ______ hasn’t started his homework yet. A. Tony B. Daming 3. Some scientists have sent a spacecraft to _______. A. the moon B. the sun C. Mars

4. It has taken _______ to get to Mars. A. two months B. several days C. several months 5. The astronauts ______ life on Mars. A. haven’t discovered B. have discovered C. have seen 6. Astronauts have already been to _______. A. the Sun B. Mars C. the moon

Useful expressions:

1.正在干某事,忙于 2.做一个宇宙飞船模型 3.没问题 4.最新消息 5.把宇宙飞船发送到火星上 6.花费几个月的时间 7.这就是....的原因 8.发现生命 9.去过月球 10.遥远,远离 11.为了.... 12.得到有关太空旅行的信息 13.上网搜索信息

The important phrases: 1.正在干某事,忙于 be up to 2.做一个宇宙飞船模型 m

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