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一. 用所给词的适当形式填空。

1. read year be study

Ann doesn’t go to school .She is only four (1)____old.Her parents are busy with their work.So,she has to stay with her grandma.Her grangma was a teather and now stays at home.She teaches the little girl(2)_____and write.The girl is very clever and(3)___very hard. She learns a lot. She can count form one to one hundred,read som picture-book and write the names of her family.Her parents(4)_____happy and always say she is a good girl.

2. (1)He likes____(strawberry)and____(peach).

(2) Do____(much)exercise,you’ll get____(storng).

(3)Look,the birds___ (sing)。

3. (1)Shall we ____(meet)at seven thirty at the school gate?

(2)Helen ____(play)the violin at the concert next Sunday.

(3)I want to _____(buy)some interesting books at the bookshop .

(4)You can_____(turn) left at the second crossing.



_____with you? I have a ______.




______is it? _________


______students are there in your class?

______ _____students。

三. 单项选择。

()1.There_____on the wall.

A. are some photos B.is a photos C.are some photos

( ) 2.My house has____floors and I live on _____floor.

A. third,first B.three,second C.two,the first

( )3.Bob likes____baskeyball,but he doesn’t like____piano.

( )4.Jim____me that he can____Chines but only a little.

A. tell,say B.tells,speak C.say,talk

( )5.____day is tomorrow?-----It’s Tuesday.

A.Whose B.What C.Which D.When

( )6.Would you like ____tea?

A. some B.a C.any D.any

( ) 7.____morning she gets up at six.

A.Every day B.On every C.In every D.Every

( )8.Don’t____late next time!

A.is B.are C.be D./

( )9.____day is tomorrow?-----It’s Tuesday.

A.Whose B.What C.Which D.When

( )10.Oh,It’s____.How are you?

A.you B.your C.yours D.he

( )11.My favourite school days ___Friday and Saturday.

A.is B.am C.are D.be

( )12.The car is_____full _____move.

A.too……..too B.to……too C.too…..to D.to..to

二 填空

1. He likes 2. Do you‘ll get 3. Look, the birds 三 填空

1 你怎么了? 我感冒了。

With you? I have a 2 昨天他骑自行车去上班

He by 五 选择

( ) 1. It’s hot A by B on C at D in

( )2. I met Kate on way home yesterday.

A my B me C his D him

( ) 3 .Bruce,look at your dirty shoes ,You’d better right now.

A washed B washing C wash D to wash

( ) 4. -–Can you sing the song in English?

---No,I A may not B mustn’t C needn’t D can’t

( ) 5. The doctor often tells him more exercise.

A to take B taking C taken D take.

( ) 6 .--What did you do last night?

----I did homework and TV.

A watch B watched C will watch D am watching

( ) 7. The White many places of interest next Sunday.

A have visited B will visit C visited D visit

( ) 8. I’m hungry . Please bring me some A kites B desks C boxes D

( ) 9. Most of the children enjoy computer games .

A play B playing C played D to play

( )10. This is Miss Gao . She your new teacher.

A be B am C is D are

六 选择

( )1 .---- day is tomorrow?------It’s Tuesday. cakes

A Whose B What C Which D When

( ) 2. Would you like tea?

A some B a C any D many

( )3. A Every B On every C In every D Every

( )4. Don’t late next time.

A is B are C be D /

七 填空

1 几点了?上午七点。

’t a.p.

2 你们班有多少学生? 45名学生。

3. Shall we (meet) at seven thirty at the school gate.

4. Helen 5. I want to (buy) some interesting books at the bookshop.

6. You can

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