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___________:_号座___________:_名姓 __________级:班____________:_校学2012年秋六年级英语第一次月考试卷



( ) 1. A. on foot B. by bus C.by bike

( ) 2. A. north B. south C. mouth ( ) 3. A. west B. wear C. east ( ) 4.A、by train B、by plane C、on foot ( ) 5. A、light B、stop C、go 二、听音,选出你所听到的短语或句子。(10分)

( )1. A. by bus B. by train C. by subway

( )2. A. turn left

B. turn right

C. go straight

( )3. A. How can I get to the hospital? B. How can I get to school? C. How can I get to the bookstore? ( )4. A. It’s near the post office. B. It’s next to the post office. C. It’s east of the post office. ( )5. A. Is there a cinema near here? B. Is there a library near here? C. Is there a museum near here

三、听音,判断句子是否正确 (对“√” ,错“×”)(10分)

( )1、The post office is near the cinema. ( )2、Then turn left at the cinema. ( )3、Then go straight .

( )4、The post office is on the right . ( )5、The hospital is next to the library .


一、仔细观察,按字母顺序填充字母,注意大小写形式。(10分) 1




O 3、




J 5、




二、选择正确的答案。(20分) ( )1、How are you?

A、Fine,thank you. B、I'm fourteen.

( )2、---Is there a cinema near here? --- . A.Yes,it is. B.Yes there is. C.No,there is. ( )3、当询问对方上学用什么交通工具时,应该问: A、How old are you? B、How do you go to school? ( )4、当对方说谢谢的时候,你应该怎么回答: A、You're welcome. B、No,thanks. ( )5、我有时乘火车,应该说:

A、I always go by train. B、Sometimes I go by train. ( )6、How can I get to Zhongshan Park? A、You can go by bus. B、I can go by bus.

( )7、You can go there .It's not far from here. A、on foot B、by ship ( )8、

A.in B.at C.on

( A.What B. How C.When

( )10. ---Where is the hospital? --- .

A.It’s next to the library. B.I go there on foot. C. At 6:00p.m.



( ).1.How do you go home? A. Because my home is near. ( ). 2. Why do you go home on foot? B. Near the park. ( ). 3.Can I go on foot? C .By plane ( ). 4.Where is your home? D. On foot. ( ). 5.How do you go to Canada? E.Sure,if you like. 四、阅读对话,判断对错。(对“√” ,错“×”)(15分) Zhang:Excuse me,how do we get to the People’s Park ? Man: You can go there by the No.5 bus ,or you can go on foot. Zhang: How do we go on foot ?

Man: It’s easy. Turn left at the traffic lights. The park is near a tall office building. John: Thank you very much. Hurry up, Zhang Peng! Zhang: No! The light is red. Stop! John: That’s right. We have to wait. Zhang: Now it’s green. Let’s go!

(1) John and Zhang Peng can’t go to the park by the No.5 bus.( ) (2) John and Zhang Peng want to go to the park on foot.( ) (3) The People’s Park is near the traffic lights.( ) (4) John wants to go at a red light. ( ) (5) Zhang Peng follows the traffic rules. ( )


I'm Jack.I’m a student .I like apples and bananas.I'm very happy every holiday. I usually go to the library. Sometimes I go to the park .The library is not far .I usually go on foot . I walk straight for fifteen minutes. Then I turn left,the library is on the right.The park is very far.It's near the post office .I often get there by the No.206 bus,get off at the post office.It's easy to find it . ( )1.What does Jack do? He is a A.teacher B.student C.doctor. ( )2.What’s Jack’s favourite fruit?

A.tomatoes and potatoes. B.apples and oranges. C. apples and bananas

( ) 3. How does Jack usually go to the library? A.On foot B.By bus. C.By bike. ( ) 4. Where is the park?

A.It’s in front of the hospital. B. It's near the post office . C.It’s near the cinnema.

( ) 5.How does Jack usually go to the park?

A.By train. B.By car. C.By the No.206 bus.

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