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ⅠTeaching content

We are all No.1

ⅡTeaching aims

1. Ss will be able to master the use of “can” and “be good at”

2. Ss will be able to read the story fluently and act out the story.

3. Ss can show themselves and believe they are the best, and know the importance of unity. III Teaching important and difficult points

1. Ss will be able to master the use of”can” and “be good at”.

2. Ss can act out the story.

IV Teaching methods


V Teaching aids

CAI ,some word cards, pictures

VI Teaching procedures

A. Pre-reading


2.Free talk (show student some information about me)

T: What day is it today?

Ss: It’s Friday.

T: It’s a fine day today.Nice to see you.Look, here’s a card about me. My name is Miss Cui. I’m 22 years old. My favorite subjects are English, Chinese and music.What subjects do you like?

Ss:I like...

T: I’m good at drawing and running.(show card “be good at” and read it)

“Be good at” means you can do something well.If you can draw well, you can say “I’m good at drawing.” What are you good at? What can you do?

Ss : I can ...I’m good at...

(show the picture of “where are we going, dad?”)

T: Boys and girls, do you know/like them?

Ss:Yes !

T: They always have some tasks to do. Today, you have a task,too.(show the task on ppt) Please go to a farm ,and find out who is No.1 on the farm.You will get a big surprise after you finish your task. Are you ready? Let’s go !

3.Enjoy a song

T: First , let’s enjoy a song. Please answer this question “what’s on the farm?”

Ss:A dog ,a cow,a chicken, a duck

T: They work for a farmer together. (work for...)

T:But,the animals are not happy today. What happened to them?


1.Read and answer

Q:Who lives on the farm?

Q:What happened to them?

2.Listen and match

T: What can...do?

Catch mice, watch house,lay eggs

3.Listen and fill in blanks

T: Please listen carefully, and try to underline the key words,and then fill in the blanks. ...can...,...is good at...

Here’s a tip for you,please read it .

4.Read and imitate

T:Let’s read and imitate this story.Boys and girls ,pay attention to your pronunciation

5.Describe the animals

T: Who do you think is No.1?Say out your idea.Here’s an example

C. Post-reading

1.Act out the story

T:It’s your time now. Can you act the dialogue?Have a try.Work in group of 4,try to act out this story.

2.Find out the main idea of the story and choose a title for the story

T:Congratulations!You did a good job today!Well done!You get a movie ticket.

3.Enjoy a short movie

T: Is it wonderful?Let’s read it together!Here’s a warm prompt .Cohesion strength, unity is born. Remember a sentence,it is difficult,but I can try.


a.Think about the end of the story.

b.Tell the story to your parents or friends.

VII.Blackboard design

We are all NO.1 can

be good at

lay eggs

swim well swimming group


watch the house

run fast running 2


catch mice

jump climbing

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