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The Pursuit of the Freedom, Democracy and Integrity

We appreciate and analyze the part from two aspects:


organization of the text

some details of the text and rhetorical device

How does people’s democracy, freedom and integrity disappear Government’s attitudes
Bush Administration repressive agenda An axis of evil The Patriotic Act Learn from the historical

lessons and
know what

Public’s reactions

A growing chorus of dissenting voices should do

? Under such circumstance it is very difficult for one to air different views. Anyone who expresses views different from the conservative mainstream would be accused of being “unpatriotic” or ? “anti-America”. However, in para 5,6, we can see there is still someone standing out to speak and he puts that to win the terrorism abroad it is more necessary to strengthen, not to weaken, freedom and democracy at home.

Impact of “War on terrorism” (the hardening of outlook)
? Which assumes the public is thinking in red, white and blue…like America itself multihued. (…….para 5) ? But many of us define …in the name of state security. (…….para14) ? The justice Department arrested…they simple vanished. (……para 15) ? Not only do such activities … to undermine American credibility abroad. (…….para15)

----people’s democracy is deprived of furtherly

? The America government takes for granted that people think in a simple and uniform way while actually the feelings, thoughts and views of the Americans are as various as America itself. ? The liberty is weakened or cancelled by the authority of national security. In other words, for the sake of security of the country, people are being asked to give up some of the liberties they enjoy by law.

二)some details of the text and rhetorical device


(P5) a growing chorus of dissenting voices: ? After 911,More and more people join in expressing their the pursuit of integrity. ? (P5)a stirring of peaceful purpose that has been largely ignored by the mainstream media 主流媒体基本上不反映这种情况,它们认 为公众的想法只有红、白、蓝三色,殊不 知人们情感、思想、观点的色谱就和美国 本身一样,是多彩的。 It is a metaphor in which different colors are different ideas.

.(P10) The new Zeitgeist even has Ally McBeal registering concern ……at the World Trade Center". The new spirit of the time even made the pop singer Ally McBeal, who usually had no interest in politics, expressed her worries about world events. The writer mentions the remarks of Ally McBeal and a detective to show that the impact of the attack is widespread and how the people want peace after the attack.

(P15) Their names were not released, nor were they permuted to send word to their families , They simply vanished. Georgetown University law professor David Cole calls this” the practice of disappearance , and it is something we associate with r

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