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小学一年级英语句子 48句

( ) 1.How are you?A你好吗? B再见

( ) 2.Good morning. A下午好。 B早上好。

( ) 3.How many girls? A有多少个女孩? B有多少条狗?

( ) 4.How many blue balls? A 有多少个蓝色的球? B有多少个绿色的球?

( ) 5.Point to a girl. A指向一个女孩。 B指向一个男孩。

( ) 6.I'm Sam. A我是大明。 B我是男孩。

( ) 7.My name is Panpan. A我的名字叫熊猫。B我的名字叫盼盼。

( ) 8.Good afternoon. A下午好。 B中午好。

( ) 9.It's green. A 它是绿色的。 B它是蓝色的。

( ) 10.Stand up! A 起立! B 请坐!

( ) 11.I'm fine. A 我很好。 B我五岁了。

( ) 12.What's your name? A你叫什么名字? B这是什么?

( ) 13.I'm a boy. A我有个球. B我是个男孩。

( ) 14.Open the door. A打开门。 B打开窗户。

( ) 15.It' s the ceiling. A 它是地面。 B他是天花板。

( ) 16.Sit down! A 坐下。 B起立。

( ) 17.This is my desk. A这是我的书桌。B这是我的座位。

( ) 18.See you! A看你。 B再见!

( ) 19.This is our teacher. A这是我的老师。B这是我们的老师。

( ) 20.This is a cat. A这是一只猫。B那是一只猫。

( ) 21.Pleased to meet you. A很高兴见到你。B再见。

( ) 22.What's that ? A那是什么? B这是什么?

( ) 23.Is it a dog ? A 它是一条狗吗?B它是一条狗 。

( ) 24.What's in the box ? A盒子里有什么?B是狐狸吗?

( ) 25.Where's my pen ?A我的钢笔在哪里?B我的铅笔在哪里?

( ) 26.A balloon is on the bed. A床上有一个气球。 B 床下有一个气球。

( ) 27.That is a cat. A那是一只猫。 B这是一只猫。

( ) 28.You 're eight. A 你八岁了。 B 我八岁了 。

( ) 29.It ' s you. A 是你。 B是我。

( ) 30.It 's my pen. A 它是我的钢笔。B 它是我们的钢笔。

( )31.It 's a black cat. A它是只黑色的猫。B它是顶黑色的帽子。

( )32.You 're welcome! A 别客气! B 你是好样的。

( )33.Where's the cat ?A 猫在哪里? B 球猫在哪里。

( )34.Happy birthday to you ! A 祝你生日快乐!B 给你生日蛋糕.

( )35.It 's an orange house. A 它是所橙色的房子。 B 它是个橙色的盒子。

( )36.I ' m six , too. A 我六岁了。 B 我也六岁了。

( )37.How old are you ? A 你几岁了? B 你好吗?

( )38.It 's in my hat. A 它在我的帽子里。 B它是我的小猫。

( )39.A doll is under the bed. A 床下面有个娃娃。B床下面有条狗。

( )40.No, it isn't. A 不是。 B 是的。

( )41.Thank you . A 谢谢。 B 不用谢。

( )42.Yes, it is. A 是的。 B 不是。

( )43.Come to the front ! A 到前面来。 B 回去。

( )44.Go back to your seat ! A 到后面去。 B 回到你的座位上 。

( )45.Good boy.A 好孩子。 B 再见。

( )46.I 'm seven. A 我七岁了。 B 我八岁了。

( )47.What 's this ?A 这是什么? B 那是什么?

( )48.A book for you.A 给你一本书。 B给你一管钢笔。

小学一年级英语句子 40句


1.( )I have _____ egg. A. a B. an C. the

2.( ) She _____ a nice schoolbag .

A. have B. has C. is

3. ( ) How many ______ do you have ? I have 3.

A. pen B. a pen C. pens

4. ( )My friend Tom _______ painting.

A. likes B. like C.is like

5 ( ) _______she ? she's my sister.

A. What's B. Where C. Who'

6. ( ) ______ is the teacher . She's in the classroom.

A. What's B. Where C. Where's

7.( ) ________is the pencil-case ? It's 32 yuan.

A. How old B. How many C. How much

8.( ) What colour is the walkman ?

A. It's nice B. It's yellow and blue. C. Yes, I like it. 9 ( )Lucy _______ science .-------Me too.

A. likes B. like C. is like

10.Let _____ clean the teacher's desk. ------ok

A.I B. my C. me

11.This is ______ new computer.

A. my B. me C.I

12.How many fans can you see ?

A. I have 6. B.I can see six. C.I can see

13.How much is the yo-yo ?

A. I am 12. B. It's 12 yuan. C. 12 books

14.Where are you from ?

A. Chinese book. B. It's Chinese C. I am from China.

15.Where is my English book ?

A. It's in the desk. B. It's in the pencil-case C. It's blue

16.How old are you ?

A. I'm fine, thank you . B. I'm Ok C. I'm ten

17.What's her name ?

A. My name is Lily B. His name is Tom C. Her name is Lily

18.Who is he ?

A. He's Zhangpeng B. she is a girl C. He's a boy

19.What's in your schoolbag ?

A. It's a book. B. Many story-books C.I have 10.

20.Let's clean the classroom.______________

A. It's nice and clean B. All right C. You're right.

21.What's ten plus ten ?

A. It's twenty B. It's twelve C. It's two.

22.Are they farmers ?

A. Yes, she is B. No ,they aren't C. They are farmers

23.Is she in the classroom ?

A. Yes ,she is B. Yes ,he is C. she is in the kitchen

24.Is this your book ?

A. No, they aren't B. It's a English book C. yes ,it is

25.Is this your uncle ?

A. No. she isn't B. Yes, she is C. Yes, he is

26.What would you like for dinner ?

A. yes B. I'd like some vegetable and beef. C. Thank you

27. Can I have some chicken ?

A. Sure, here you are B. Yes ,you can C.I have some noodles

28.Help yourself. A. Thank you B.NO C. Here you are

29.Can I help ?

A. Yes, pass me a plate, please B. No C. sorry

29. What's he ?

A. He is my father B. He's a doctor C. He's a man

30.What's your aunt ?

A. She is a nurse B. He is a nurse C. She's a woma

31.Who's that man ?

A. He is my uncle B. She's my sister C. He's a baseball player

32.Merry Chirstmas!

A. sorry B. come and meet family C. Merry Christmas

33.Who's that boy ? ________ John.

A. She's B. He's C. It's

34 Do you like sports ?

A. Yes ,she is B. No, I do C. Yes, I do .

35 May I have a look ?

A. No, you can't B. Look at the book C. sure ,here you are 36 _________ your aunt ? She's a driver .

A. Where's B. What's C. Who's

37 Look _______the photo.

A. in B. to C. at

38 There ________many books on the sofa .Please put them away.

A. is B. has C. are

39 There_______ a teacher in the classroom

A. is B. has C. are

40 __________is she ? She's my mother

A. How old B. How C. Who

41 A. draws B. drawers C. drawer.

42 A. I am sorry. B. Fine, and you? C. Haha.

43. I like reading. I want to be a .

A. writer B. nurse C. policeman

44. I like drawing. I want to be a A. fisher B. dancer. C. painter

45. What is your father? He is a .

A. tree B .dryer C. spaceman

46. What can your father do? a car.

A. swim B. ride C. drive

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