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新建 Unit8课文幻灯片 (3)

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1.How do you make a banana milk shake? 2.peel the bananas. 3.cut up the bananas. 4.put the bananas and ice-cream in the blender. 5.pour the milk into the blender. 6.turn on the blender. 7.drink the milk shake. 8.How many bananas do we need? 9.We need three bananas. 10.How many watermelons do we need? 11.Only one small watermelon. 12.How many apples do we need? 13.Two should be enough.

14.How many oranges do we need? 15.Only one. 16.How much honey do we need? 17.Two spoons of honey. 18.How much yogurt do we need? 19.We need one cup of yogurt. 20.two spoons of sugar 21.ten bags of salt 22.one box of cheese 23.five baskets of flowers 24.two bags of eggs

25.make Russion soup 制作罗宋汤 26..cut up the vegetables 切碎蔬菜 27..put....into....把· · · · · 放到· · · 里 28..another 10 minutes再/另外10分钟 29.one more thing还有一件事 30.forget to add some salt忘记加盐

31.put the corn into the popcorn machine 把玉米放到爆米花机里 32.dig a hole 挖一个坑 33.make beef noodles 制作牛肉面条 34.take out a book from the library 从图书馆借 35.cook it at a very high temperature 以一个非常高的温度烤它

36.serve it to your friends把它提供给你的朋 友 (serve sth to sb=serve sb sth把某物提供给 37.可数:tomatoes,sandwiches,,onions 不可数:bread,butter,turkey,lettuce 38. lettuce in a sandwich夹生菜的三明治 39.tomatoes in a sandwich夹土豆的三明治 40.on a piece of bread(two pieces of bread) 41.traditional food 传统的食物 42.on special holidays 在特殊的节日 43.on the fourth Thursday in November 在十一月的第四个星期四 44.a time to give thanks for food 感恩食物的

45.in autumn 在秋天 46..the first travelers from England 来自英国的第一批旅行者 47..celebrate this idea of giving thanks 庆祝感恩的想法 48.by having a big meal通过吃一顿大餐 49..the main dish of this meal这顿饭的主菜 50.have a long, hard winter 51.most Americans 大多数美国人 51.one way to make turkey制作火鸡的一种方法 52.mix together混合在一起 53.fill....with...用· · · · 填充· · · · be filled with=be full of充满· · · 装满· · · 挤满· · · (The bag is full of/is filled with clothes.) 54.cook it for a few hours烤几个小时

55.place the turkey on a large plate 把火鸡放在一个大盘子上 56.cover it with gravy用肉汁盖住它 be covered with被· · · · 覆盖 (The mountain is covered with think snow.) 57.cut the turkey into thin pieces把火鸡切成薄 58.put sth. together 把某些东西放在一起 59.everything you need 你需要的所有东西 60.cook it at a very high temperature 以一个非常高的温度烤它 61.serve it to your friends把它提供给你的朋友 (serve sth to sb=serve sb sth把某物提供给某人)

62.to make this special food为了做这种特殊的 食物 63.need to do sth需要做某事 64.wash the lettuce洗生菜 65.cut it up把它切碎 66.the reason

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