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小学英语精美课件_i am taller than

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Lesson 1

复习数字,铺垫故事 2’

复习数字,铺垫故事 2’

多种方式,学习故事 20’

Height rod

We can check our height.

We can check our weight.

多种方式,学习故事 20’
What did they say?
I want to check… We can …

We can …

Ann Ken and Mocky wanted to check their height and weight. They were at the town center.

多种方式,学习故事 20’

多种方式,学习故事 20’

整体播放无文字的课件2-5,布置填写 表格记录故事中人物的身高的任务。

Name Mocky Ann Ken

Height 85 __cm 135 __cm 147cm __


多种方式,学习故事 20’
Look! Ken measured Mocky first. Let’s act out. Who wants to be Mocky/Ken? How tall am I ? You are 85 centimeters tall.



多种方式,学习故事 20’
比较身高,Who is taller, Ann or Mocky?板书课题 I am taller than Mocky, too.
I am taller than… I am the …

I am taller than… I am shorter than…

Who is the tallest? Who is the shortest?

I am shorter than… I am the …

多种方式,学习故事 20’

多种方式,学习故事 20’
They knew their height. They wanted to know their weight. They weighed Ken first. How much do I weigh? You weigh 33 kilograms.

How much does Ken weigh? 33 /35 /38kg ? kilogram Ken weighs __ kg.

多种方式,学习故事 20’
How much does Ann weigh?


Ann weighs __ kg.


Discuss with your partner, who is heavier?

Ken is heavier than Ann.

Ann is heavier than Ken.

多种方式,学习故事 20’
Who is heavier? Let’s read the story from picture 6.


多种方式,学习故事 20’
Ann is shorter but heavier than Ken!

Was anything wrong?

Mocky had his foot on the scale.


词图复述,输出故事 3’

town center

shorter/ taller than


联系实际,拓展运用 6’
We checked our height and weight last week. Do you remember your height and weight? Group work: How tall are you? How much do you weigh?
Name Height (cm)

I am …cm tall. I weigh…kg.
Weight (kg)


1、听录音,跟读故事。 2、调查自己家人身高和体重,并且介绍。

Height (cm) Mother Father Sister/Brother

Weight (kg)

Unit 5 I am taller than Mocky
height weight kilogram centimeter

town center

shorter/ taller than


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