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’m going to fish.

2. I have lots 3.I’m at reading and I read well.

4.What are your 5.Do you want to come after class? We can play.

Mondays, I like playing football.

10.There are


1. am to I going basketball play .

2. playing chess I like .

3. what you do in your do time spare ?

4. you do to leader want be group the ?

5. are there beautiful lot a of flowers .


1. They are (talk) about the film.

2. Let’s go to the (shop) mall.

3. I’m going to 1

4. (play) football and (fish).

5. I’m good at 6. I don’t like shopping but my sister (do).

7. Do you want to (come) over after school?

8. We can also (learn) about our country and foreign

countries from stamps.

9. There is one stamp for each year so it (take) 12 years to

collect all the stamps.

10. Why (do) a lot of people want to collect ‘the Penny Black’?


( )1. I like shopping.

A.goes B.go C.going D.to going

( )2. I’m going to play piano.

A.a B.an C./ D.the

( )3.We are going to play chess.

A.a B.an C./ D.the

( )4.She is good at .

A.danced B.dancing C.to dance D.to dancing

( )5.----What did you see on the desk then?

----There a bottle of orange.

A.was B.were C.has D.had

( )6.There a pair of shoes under the bed. The shoes mine.

A.is; are B.is; is C.are; is D.are; are

( )7.There a pencil on the desk and you may use it.

A.is B.are C.was D.were

( )8.There is little milk in the bottle, A.isn’t it B.is it C.isn’t there D.is there

( )9.There a football match on TV this evening.

A.will have B.is going to be C.has D.is going to have

( )10.There is a beautiful clock on the wall, ?

A.isn’t there B.is there C.isn’t it D.doesn’t it


1. (就画线部分提问)

2. There are many people in my room.(改为一般疑问句,并作肯定和


3. There are twenty-four rooms in the building.(就画线部分提问)

4. There is some bread on the table.(改为否定句)











Mum: _______ is your new friend’s name?

Mandy: His name is John.

Mum: _______ does he do in his spare time?

Mandy: He plays football and goes fishing.

Mum: ____________ does he go fishing?

Mandy: Once a month.

Mum: _____________ does he like fishing?

Mandy: Because it’s fun.


We all know that John likes fishing. John’s cousin Henry likes fishing too. He fishes in the river near his house. On Saturday afternoon, he goes down to the river with a little chair and some sandwiches, and fishes until it is quite dark. There are always a few other people there. They love fishing too, and they all sit there quietly for hours. Sometimes they catch some fish, and sometimes they do not.

Once Henry caught a big fish. He was very happy. All the other fishermen left their places and came to see his fish. One of them had a camera, so he took a photograph of Henry and his big fish. He still has the photograph on the wall of his room.

( )1. John likes fishing but Henry doesn’t.

( )2. John goes fishing on Saturday afternoon.

( )3. A few other people go fishing there, too.

( )4. They always catch some fish.

( )5. Once John caught a big fish and he took a photograph with it.


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