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新版pep四年级英语下册Unit6.ShoppingA.let's talk

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shopping 购物
go shopping 去购物 It's time to go shopping.

What can you see? How many shoes can you see? I like the white shoes. What do you like? I like ....

Oh,my shoes is broken.(我的鞋子坏了) What should I do? (我该怎么办?)

This is John's broken shoes. 这是约翰的坏鞋子

shoes shop

John's mother want to buy(买) the new shoes for him. They go to the shoes shop. Guess!How big are his feet? (他穿多大码的鞋?) Let's go and have a look.

Can I help you?

Yes.These shoes are nice. Can I try them on? Size 6,please.

Of cause.Here you are.
They're just right.

John,are they OK? No.They're too small.

Hmm.OK.Let's try size 7.


Can I help you?=May I help you? =What can I dofor you? 这是口语中一句极为常用的句子, 广泛用于商店、饭店、办事处等场 所,作为对顾客的招呼语。 其意思是: 我可以帮你吗? 我能 替你做点什么吗?

For example: 商店:A:Can I help you? 你要买点什么?
B:Yes,please. I want some bananas. 谢谢,我买点香蕉。 饭店:A:Can I help yon,sir? 先生,要吃点什么吗? B:Just a cup of tea and two eggs,please. 要 只要一杯茶和两只鸡蛋。 Can I help you? 回答用: Yes,plesae./No,thanks.

These shoes are nice.这双鞋子真漂亮。 Can I try them on?我能试试吗? Size 6 ,please.请给我6码的。 表示请求试穿某物,用句型: Can I try these/them/it...on? size 意思是“尺码,号”,直接在后面加 数字,表示衣服或鞋子的大小。

我们可以用如下句子来表达试穿结果: 复数:They're too small. 它们太小了。 They're too big. 它们太大了。 They're just right. 它们正合适。 单数:It's too small. 它太小了。 It's too big. 它太大了。 It's just right. 它正合适。

Can I help you?

Yes.Can I try these on?

OK.Here you are.

Oh,they're too big!

Can I help you?

Yes.Can I try it on?

OK.Here you are.

Oh,it's just right.

1.自己编一段对话,与同桌进行 对话练习。 2.朗读并背诵对话。 3.抄写对话,二英二中。

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