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新pep四年级下册英语期末检测 2014.6



1.whose who 2. lunch dinner 3. little table

4. socks shorts 5. farm farmer 6. eighty eighteen

7. second first 8. Singapore Sydney 9. these those 10.glaves


( ) 1. A. I eat lunch at 12:20. B. I eat lunch at 12:30.

( )2. A. I go to bed at 7 every day. B. I go to school at 7 every day.

( )3. A. Where is the garden? B. Where is the farm?

( ) 4. A. The skirt is very pretty. B. The shirt is very pretty.

( )5. A. They’re on the first floor. B. They’re on the first door.

( )6. A. How much is this dress? B. How many dresses are there?

( )7. A. It’s sunny and cool. B. It’s rainy and cool.

( )8. A. It’s windy in Sydney. B. It’s windy in Singapore.

( )9. A. What do you like these shoes? B. How do you like these shoes?

( ) 10.A. Are these carrots?. B. Are those carrots?


( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( )

1 scarf


1.( )A.40. B. 14. C. 40 dollors

2.( )A. It’s 7:30. B. It’s sunny and cool. C. It’s on the first floor.

3.( )A. Yes, it’s hot. B. No, it hot. C. It’s on the first floor.

4.( )A. They are hens. B. No, it isn’t. C. Yes, they are.

5.( )A. It’s Mikes. B. It’s mine. C. It’s your.

笔试部分 (60)

一. 看图片,圈出正确的单词或词组。(10)

1. 2.


tomato potato shirt skirt shorts


4. 5.

umbrella under gloves scarf


( )1.Are these Mike’s ? A. It’s eighty yuan.

( ) 2. How do you like this dress? B. Yes, I’d like some oranges.

( ) 3.How much is your scarf? C. It’s very cool.

( ) 4. What are those? D. No, it’s mine.

( ) 5.Can I help you? E. They are sheep.


( ) 1. —What ________ those? —Books.

A. am B. is C. are

( ) 2. This is ________ umbrella.

A. a B. an C. you


( ) 3. Do you have a playground ? —________

A. Yes, I do. B. No, we don’t C. Yes, they are.

( ) 4. —________ is it? —Eighty dollars.

A. What B. How many C. How much ( )5. Can I try them_______?

A. in B. on C. at

( )6. Look there, are those ________?.

A. potato B. carrot C. tomatoes ( )7. ——What’s the weather like today?


A. Rainy. B. Thirty. C. Breakfast. ( )8. ——The socks are sixty yuan, it’s too_______.

A. cheap B. pretty C. expensive ( )9. -------Are these hens?


A. Yes, they aren’t. B. No, they are cows. C. No, it isn’t. ( )10. Is snowy outside ?

A. Yes, it isn’t. B. Yes, it is. C. No, it is.


(球 )are on the tall ________(墙).

3. Those (羊) are very ________(高的).

4.The (卡片) is on his________(手臂).

5.That (帽子) is _________(好的).


1. much, How, these, are, socks (?)

2. is, Where, the, teachers’ office (?)


4. your, are, father’s, They (.)

5. this, do, How, you, like , dress (?)


Dear Amy,

How are you? Chinese New Year is coming. We’re getting ready. Today mum and I go shopping for new clothes. I get a new red coat, new black pants and new red shoes. They are very nice, and they are cheap. My mother gets a new orange scarf. It is very pretty and cheap. It is only 40 yuan. Mum loves it. My father gets new shoes. They are expensive but nice.

What are you doing? Are you ready for the New Year? Please write back soon.


Chen Jie

( )1. Amy gets a new red shoes today.

( )2. Mom likes the scarf very much.

( )3. The orange scarf is fourteen yuan.

( )4. Chen Jie’s new shoes are cheap.

( )5. Dad’s shoes are expensive but nice.


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