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3. ( ) 4. ( )

A . English B. math A. play chess

5. ( ) A .have a headache B .have a cold 7. ( ) A .orange juice B .carrot juice 9. ( ) A . fish ball soup B .chicken soup B .play ping-pong

6. ( )

A . a bird B . a bat

8. ( ) A .school bag B .handbag

10. ( ) A . hot B . cold

四、 口语应用。( 从B栏中选出A栏的答语)(10%)

A B ( ) 1、What’s your favorite subject? A、I went to Guangzhou to

see a flow er show.

( ) 2、What’s wrong with you? B、Yes.Roaster beef,please.

( ) 3、Are whales mammals? C、PE.

( ) 4、Are you ready to order? D、I have a fever.

( ) 5、Where were you in the winter vacation? E、Yes,they are.

五、 根据题意选词填空。(20%)

1. I went to Guangzhou to (see a flower show / see the ice carvings).(看花展)

2. I went to my aunt’s 婚礼)

3. Wang Tao worried about his (computer / lessons). (功课)

4. Sally’s photo / classmates)are very nice. (同学)

5. We played at the (seaside /sea).(海边)

6. I’ll give you some (watches / flowers).(花)

7.I think you have a fever. I’ll take you (hospital/ school).(医院)

8. (whales / mammals). (哺乳类动物)

9.They )(喂养)babies/boy) with milk. (婴儿们)

10.Let’s make a (name book / year book) for our class.(毕业纪念册)

六、 判断句子与短文是否相符。对的写T,错的写F。(10分)

One day , Wang Tao broke his leg. His classmates came to see him on foot . They bought some apples and pears for him. But Wang Tao worried about his lessons. His classmates can help him. Chen Ling can help him with his math . Sally can help him with his English .Li Hong can help him with his Chinese. They often help each other.

1、( )Wang Tao's classmates came to see him by bike . 2、( )They bought some pears and apples for Wang Tao . 3、( )Sally can help Wang Tao with his math .

4、( )Chen Lin can help Wang Tao with his English. 5、( )They often help each other.

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