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Lesson 7

Mutilated ladies


1 They call the team in Mewcastle ‘Mutilated Ladies’a. their job involves mutilating bank notes b. their job is to identify pictures of the Queen on mutilated bank notes

c. ladies are always mutilating bank notes by accident in the wash

d. only ladies have the patience for this difficult job

a. feed their money to the dog b. try to wash large bank notes

c. mutilate bank notes on purpose d. have damaged but identifiable bank notes

3 You don’t get your money back unless ____ . a. you go to Newcastle and see the Mutilated Ladies

b. there is enough evidence to prove your claim

c. your bank manager agrees to help you

d. you have done this sort of thing before

4 Have you ever forgotten _____ in the pocket of your trousers…? (ll.1-3)

a. a large bank note面额很大的纸币 b. large bank note c. any large bank note d. some large bank

5. If you_____ in Britai, you needn’t despair. (ll.4-5)

a. do live b. are living c. live d. wer living

6 John is _____ ,and runs a furniture business. (l.9)

a. fiancé of Jane Butlin b. Jane Butlin’s fiancé c. Jane Butlin who’s fiancé d. Jane Butlin whose fianc

7.The wallet _____ £3,000 from the day;s business. (l.10)

a. containing b. was containing c. contained d. content

8 John put his wallet into the microwave oven _____ . (l.10)

a. to heep it safe b. for keeping safe c. for the safety d. tob safe keeping to keep it safe

9 John runs a furniture business. He ____ the business. (l.9)

a. is in charge of b. is in the charge of c. charges d. bears the charges of

10 Jane discovered that the £3,000 had _____ ash. (ll.12-13)

a turned b. grown c. made d. become

11 The remains were _____ to the Mutulated Ladies. (ll.13-14)

a. conveyed b. dispatched c. carried d. fetched

12 People can get their money back _____ there is something to identify. (ll.15-16) a. depending b. provided c. supposed d. allowing

Lesson 8: A famous monastery 著名的修道院


1 St. Bernard dogs are nest known for _____ .

a. being a great summer tourist attraction

b. having saved people’s lives before the new tunnel was built

c. being able to search people out who have been trapped in the snow

d. the freedom they have to wander about in the winter

be best known for = be famous for: 众所周知

2 What is the main advantage of the new tunnel?

a. It prevents people from endangering their lives by climbing the Pass.

b. It brings thousands of tourists to the monstery each summer.

c. It provides a fast and safe communication across the Swiss-Italian border. d. It brings the St. Bernard monks into greater contact with the world.

the main advantage 最大的好处

3 In what way does life at the St. Bernard monastery differ in winter? D

a. The great number of visitors must come to the monastery on skis.

b. The dogs are free to save the lives of people lost in the snow.

c. The monks are more welcoming to their visitors.

d. The monks con pursue their occupation relatively undisturbed.

4 The highest mountain pass in Europe is _____ ...(ll.1-2)

a. of 2,473 metres b. at 2,473 metres high c. high 2,473 metres d. 2,473 metres high

5 --a few people who are _____ to cross the Pass on foot. (ll.9-10)

a. rash enough b. so rash c. too rash d. very rash 形容词或副词和enough to do 搭配 b 选项错在so rash as to, You are so kind as to help me.

6 ___A_ so many people about, the dogs have to be kept in an enclosure. (l.12) a. With b. Being c. Because d. Having with的复合结构形式

7 The monks let _____ outside their enclosure. (l.15)

a. them to wander b. to them wandering c. them wander d. them wandering

8 Parties of skiers ____ the monastery in winter. (ll.15-16)

a. visit to b. are visiting at c. visit d. are visiting

9 The great St. Bernard Pass lies _____ Switzerland and Italy. (l.1)

a. within b. between c. about d. along

10 The dogs are sent out into the snow _____ a traveller is in difficulty. (ll.8-9) a. if ever b. in case c. all the time d. while

11 Thousands of people _____ over the Pass. (ll.11-12)

a. trip b. voyage c. conduct d. drive

12 They are allowed to _____ outside their enclosure. (l.15)

a. graze b. drift c. roam d. wonder

Lesson 9

Flying cats



1 We find cats endlessly fascinating because _____ .

a. we feel there is a good deal we do not know about their lives

b. we believe that cats have nine lives

c.they are different from dogs and horses

d. they can reach a speed of 60 miles an hour while falling

2 A recent study of 132 cats in New York proved _____ .

a. that it is true that cats have nine lives

b. that cats are related to flying squirrels

c. they are different from dogs and horses

d. that cats falling from great heights are seldom killed

3 Cats can survive great falls mainly because _____ .

a. the further they fall, the less likely they are to injur themselves

b. a cat’s ability to survive is based on fact

c. a falling cat relaxed its legs and so increases its air-resistance

d. they are unlikely to exceed a speed of about 60 miles an hour

4. Cats have an unfailing fascination _____ most people. (l.1)

a. with b. to c. for d. at

5 Cats never become submissive _____

a. as dogs and horses b. in the way that dogs and horses do

c. as far as dogs and borses d. as for dogs and horses

6 _____ popularly believed that cats have nine lives.(l.7)

a. there is b. Is c. This is d. It is

7 New Youk is ideal for this study because _____ high-rise buildings. (ll.11-12) a. there is plenty of b. of the number of c. it has plenty d. the number

8 Over a period of five months, there was _____ of 132 cats in New Youk. (l.9) a. a study b. studied c. some studies d. studing

9 Most cats are suspicious of human beings _____ their lives. (l.5)

a. during b. throughout c. through d. white

10 _____ there is a good deal of truth in this idea.

a. As a matter of fact b. In the event c. It would seem d. Surprisingly enough

11 That cats can survive falls from great heights is _____ by the facts.(ll.7-8) a. explained b. tested c. supported d. borne

12 One cat fell 32 stroeys. _____ she only suffered a broken tooth. (ll.12-13) a. Even so b. Although c. Moreover d. In spite of

Lesson 11:Not guilty 无罪


1 What makes really honest peole feel guilty when going through Customs? a. Having five hunred gold watches hidden in their suitcases.

b. The particularly officious way Customs Officers always ask questions. c. The fact that they are treatedas potential smugglers.走私者

d. Carrying things which are not exempt from imart duty.

2 What madethe Customs Officer?s face light up?

a. Knowing ow difficult it would be for the writer to close si case.

b. Seeing the bottle of hair gel which he could charge duty on.

c. The idea of having found something which should have been declared公布. d. discovering an unopened bottle of erfume at the bottom of the case.

3 The writer was in a hurry to get away because _____ . 作者是急于离开 a. he had grown impatient at having taken so long to get through Customs b. he was anxious to get away from the unleasant smell

c. he was afraid he might still be stopped for smuggling ,

d. he was trying to escape with precious chalk marks Structure

4 The Customs Offficer asked him _____ he had anything to declare. )l.9)

a. that b. what c. for d. whether

5 ?Have you anything to declare?? he asked, looking _____ .(l.9)

a. direct to me b. me directly c. directly at me d. in my direction look him in the eye / face = liik directly at him

6 ?Would you ___B_ please? (l.11)

a. unlock kindly this suitcase b. kindly unlick this suitcase c. unlock this suitcasekindly d. be kind to unlock this suitcase Would you kindly do sth. please?

7 he told him he _____ it. (l.16)

a. ought to have declared b. must hsve declared c. had to declare d. neededto declare 7. A

8 _____ the cap, the Officer put the bottle to his nostrils. (l.22)

a. Having unscrewed b. Unscrewed c. Being unscrewed d. With unscewed

9 Customs Officers are quite tolerant these days. They are _____ . (l.1)

a. tolerable b. placid c. easy-going d. negligent

tolerable 能忍耐的,可忍受的 placid 平静的 tolerable 宽容的,好相处的 negligent 疏忽的

10 A hardened professional smuggler feels _____ his behaviour. )ll.4-5)

a. unashamed of b. unwronged by c. unshocked by d. guiltless of

11 As I expected, he was _____ . (l.20)

a. incomprehensible b. incredible c. incredulous d. sceptical

12 I was able to hurry away with recious chalk marks on my _____ .

a. hangbags b. luggage c. casement d. equipment

Lesson 12

Life on a desert island



1 In what way are the pictures we form of life on a desert island unreal?

a. They fail to present the wretchedness of such a sutuation.

b. We forget that we would be too weak to work and only imagine the pleasure of idleness. c. They are either unduly optimistic or unduly pessimistic.

d. They lack any truth at all as most of us have never visited one.


2 What was the equipment the men had brought that proved essential to their survival幸存? a. Tools with which they had been going to repair theri boat.

b. Food, matches and tins of beer.

c. Rainwater, lobster and fish.

d. A spear gun and a rubber dinghy.

Essential = very necessary 绝对必要的,必不可少的

3 What made the men wish to stay on the desert island?

a. Discovering how pleasant life can be fending for oneself.

b. Having seen very few trees and no rainwater on the coral island.

c. The fact that theyt were able to eat the same food as kings eat.

d. Knowing they no longer needed to take their boat to Miami for repair

4 We sometimes think of a desert island _____ a sort of paradise. (l.1)

a. to be b. as being c. is d. be think of sb. / sth. as : 把某人、某事看作为…

5 But _____ have had the opportunity to find out. (ll.7-8)

a. we few b. hardly anybody c. little people d. not many few of us:我们当中,没有几个人

6 After _____ a few miles across the Caribbean, they arrived at a small coral island. (ll.11-12) a. they rowed b. rowed c. rowing d. to row

7 _____ were scarce there and there was no water. (ll.12-13)

a. The trees b. Trees c. Any trees d. Trees on the island

8 Both men genuinely regretted _____ . (l.16)

a. their leave b. to have to leave c. having to leave d. they must have left 为做过的事情后悔:regret +动名词


9 A desert island is _____ place. (ll.1-2)

a. an unpopular b. an uninhabited c. a deserted d. a barren inhabited: 有人居住的 uninhabited: 无人居住的 unpopular: 不流行的 barren : 贫瘠的

10 The other side of the picture is _____ different.(ll.4-5)

a. naturally b. rather c. really d. entirely 完全的不同

11 But this was not _____ to be a problem. (l.13)

a. demonstrated b. thought c. shown d. found

12 And, as one of them _____ it, they ‘ate like kings’. (l.15)

a. expressed 表示 b. placed c. told d. said 原文:as one of them put it

Lesson 13: "It's only me'


1 Mrs. Richards went upstairs because _____ .

a. she did not need to do any housework b. she still had to finish the costume she was going to wear

c. she wanted to change her clothes before doing the housework

d. she wanted to change into her fancy-dress costume 她想试试她的化妆舞会的服装

2 Mrs. Richards did not go to the door because _____ .

a. she was upstairs changing her clothes

b. she did not want to make a bad impression on the baker

c. she thought the baker might be taken in by her disguise

d. the baker had already left the bread on the kitchen table take sb in 使某人信以为真,让某人上当 disguise 伪装

3 By saying ?It?s only me?, Mrs. Richards hoped _____ .

a. the man would realize she was alone

b. to persuade the man he was seeing a ghost

c. the man would recognize her 这个人会认识她

d. the man would not close the door of the storeroom

… 前后连接时态要呼应,表示并列关系。

5 She wanted to find out how _____ to wear. (l.8)

a. comfortable it was b. comfortable it would be舒适 的

c. it was comfortable d. it would be comfortable how

6 _____ to frighten the poor man, Mrs. Richards quickly hid under the stairs. (ll.11-12) a. Not anxious about b. Anxious not c. being not anxious d. Not being anxious for

7 trying to explain the situation, she _____ ?It?s only me?. (l.14)

a. was saying b. said c. had said d. has been saying 7. B 强调过去的一个动作

8 On seeing Mrs. Richards _____ towards him, he fled. (ll.15-16)

a. to walk b. having walked c. walk d. walked

see sb. do sth. 看见某人做某事 做宾语补足语时,不定式符号to 被省略

9 _____ Mrs. Richards was entering the dining room…(l.9)

a. At the very moment b. So long as c. Only when d. During the time

10 …if she ever _____ the door and to leave the bread…(ll.10-11)

a. missed opening b. forgot to open c. did not succeed in opening d. happened not to open

11 It was the man from the Electricity Board who had come to take a metre- _____ .(ll.13-14) a. reading b. measurement c. regulation d. study

12 The man _____ a cry. (l.15)

a. escaped b. gave c. left d. shouted

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