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参考答案 一.看英语,写中文

1.good idea 好主意 2.write a poem 写诗

3. draw a picture 画画 4.make a card 做卡片

5.sing a song 唱歌 6.National Day 国庆节

7.Teacher’s Day 教师节 8.Children’s Day 儿童节

9.Christmas Day 圣诞节 10.long jump 跳远

11.high jump 跳高 12.throw a ball 扔球

13.catch a ball 接球 14.run in a race 赛跑

15.Sports Day 运动会 16.gift shop 礼品店

17.birhday card 生日卡片 18.wash hands 洗手

19.a bowl of noodles 一碗面条 20. a piece of cake 一块蛋糕二.把能重新组成一个单词的两个单词连线 (答案略)

1.grand time grand

2.lunch work lunch

3.sun ball sun

4.rain shop rain

5.sand market sand

6.super castle super

7.book coat book

8.foot glasses foot

9.home box home

10.dinner mother dinner

1.birth side birthday生日

2.class man class

3.time room time

4.good book good

5.basket body basket

6.any ball any

7.story bye story

8.bed table bed

9.post room post

10.out day out

三. 圈出正确的单词

1. Teacher’s Day is (on / in) September 10th.

2. My birthday is ( on/in ) January.

3. It is my ( ninety/ ninetieth) birthday today.

4. Pat is ( drawing/ draw) a picture

5. Pat is going to ( draw/ drawing) a picture. Be going to

6. I can (throw / throwing ) a ball well.

7. He is going to run( on/in) a race.

8. Is Toddy going to skip? Yes, he (is/ are).

9. This is (our / we ) teacher, Mrs.Bai.

10. I am good ( in /at ) this event.

11. (Whose / Who’s ) cameras are these?

12. Whose game is (this / these)?

13. Are these your ( lunchbox/lunchboxes )..

14. It is ( Bob/Bob’s ) hat.

15. The cinema is on (first / one) floor.

16. Is the supermarket ( in/on ) the ground floor.

17.(Is / Are ) there a bank on the second floor?

18. I would like a bowl (of / from ) noodles.

19. What would (you / your) like?

20. I want (to buy / buy) a robot


1.A. month B. January C. May

2.A.first B.two C. third

3. A. Grandmother B. grandfather C.uncle

4. A. cook B. draw C. book

5. A. sing a song B. write a poem C.National Day

6. A. Father’s Day B.birthday C. Mother’s Day

7.AMay 11 B. February C. March

8. A. bird B. fish C. paper

9. A. long jump B. Sports Day C. high jump

10.A. children B. man C.woman

11. A. principal B. teacher C.postman

12. A. raincoat B. sunglasses C.need

13. A. game B.paper C. pen

14. A.sunglasses B. paper C. money

15. A.our B. my C. I

16. A. we B. his C. she

17. A. beside B. below C. floor

18. A. gift shop B. cinema

19. A. cake B. sandwich

20. A. tea B. water

五. 抄写句子

1.how many months are there in a year

2.it’s in september.

3.national day is tomorrow.

4.What is pat doing

5.no, it isnt.

6.is that my ice cream

7.Where’s todd C. shopping mall C. juice C. dumplings

8.what would you like

9.Id like a bowl of noodles please.

10.Koko are you hungry

六. 从方框内选出正确的单词填入句子中

is your birthday? It’s in June.

do you like the book? Because it is funny.

are you? I am ten years old.

is the robot ? It’s eighty yuan.

hat is this ? It is my hat.

do you want ? I want a robot.

do you get up? I usually get up at six.

do you go to school? I go to school by bike.

is Grandpa? He is in the bookshop.

1.I want to buy a robot .Where is the ?

2.Where can I buy a birthday card? In the 3.I want to see a film in the .

4.Let’s get some money in the .

5.I want to wash my hands .Where is the ?

6.I can see one bird the camera shop and the gift shop.

7.I am hungry. I want a of noodles.

8.I’d like a of tea.

9.I don’t know the way . I need a .

10.Teacher’s Day is in .

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