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( )1. When do you get up? I get up __________six thirty.

A. on B. at C. in

( )2. How often ________ Pat brush her teeth? Twice a day.

A. Do B. is C. does

( )3. He usually ________ his schoolbag in the evening.

A. pack B. packing C. packs

( )4. It’s time ________ school. Let’s go.

A. to B. for C. at

( )5. Candy and Tim ________ go to school every day.

A. don’t B. doesn’t C. aren’t

( ) 6 .It’s ten o’clock now .It’s time ______go to school.

A .of B. for C. to

( ) 7. ___________do you get up ?

A .How B. How often C. When

( ) 8 .It’s six in the morning .Mike is ________his clothes in his bedroom.

A. wearing B. having on C. putting on

( ) 9. I go to bed _______9:35 ________the evening .

A. at …in B. on … in C. in …at

( ) 10.Tom usually ___ to bed late in the evening .

A. goes B. going C. go


1.刷牙 _______________ 6.wash the dishes_________

2.洗脸 _______________ 7.have breakfast__________

3.完成作业 _____________ 8.at six thirty ___________

4.挂衣服 _______________ 9.water the plants_________

5.本年度优秀学生_______________ 10.set the table __________

三.根据情景选择正确的答案:(10 分)

( ) 1. 你想知道Candy每天刷牙几次,应说:

A. When does Candy brush her teeth ?

B. How often does Candy brush her teeth every day?

C. She brushes her teeth twice a day.

( ) 2. 你想知道你的朋友每天什么时候睡觉,应说:

A.When do you go to bed?

B. I go to bed at ten in the evening.

C. When are you get up?

( ) 3. 你表扬她是一个好学生,她应说:

A.Thank you.

B.You’re welcome.

C.You are a good student.

( ) 4. 你想告诉别人该上学了,该说:

A.It’s time for school.

B.It’s time go to school.

C.Let’s go to school.

( ) 5. 有客人到你家时,你应该说:

A . How are you ?

B . Who are you ?

C . Nice to see you !

四.从方框里选出正确的答案,将序号写在下列的横线上。(10 分)

1._____________________ I get up at six in the moring.

2. _____________________ She washes her face twice a day.

3. _____________________ That is a good habit.

4. _____________________ Yes, I do.

5. _____________________ I go to bed at ten .


A: Hello, Pat . ____________________

B: I get up early. How about you ?

A: _______________

B: That’s late.

A: I brush my teeth twice a day .

B: How often does Tim brush his teeth ?.



A: He washes his face three times a day .


1. do, get , When, school, up, you (?)

2. often How does brush teeth he his (?)

3. usually comb I my morning in the hair (.)

4. sets the five table times a week he (.)

5. I face wash my a day twice

七、看图写话 (20分)


一、 1. B 2. C 3. C 4. B 5. A

6. C 7. C 8. C 9. A 10.A.

二、1.brush(my ) teeth 2.wash (my) face 3.finish my homework

4.hang up my clothes 5.comb (my )hair




六、1、When do you get up ?

2.How often does he brush his teeth?

3.I usually comb my hair in the morning ?

4.He sets the table five times a week.

5.I wash my face twice a day.


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