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Unit4 课件2-PEP版小学英语六年级上册

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Unit 4 I have a pen pal
Part A Let’s learn

Let’s read / ai / nice bike / i / kid six / ei / make lake / ? / sad rad / ?u/ go tofu / ? / dog clock / ? / but nut

side pick gate black so lot cut

kite sick cake bag rose not bus

Can you read?

read draw play jump cook swim run shop

reading drawing playing jumping cooking swimming running shopping

Swimming,swimming,I like swimming.
Drawing, drawing, I like drawing .

Reading, reading ,I like reading .
Cooking, cooking, I like cooking.

Playing, playing, I like playing .
Jumping, jumping, I like jumping.

ride riding a bike

make making kites

playing the violin

dive diving

collect collecting stamps

riding a bike

playing the piano

collecting stamps


making kites

Group work: What’s your hobby? I like…
What’s he\she like? He\She likes….
swimming singing listening to music watching TV

My partner


playing chess
playing football playing the violin

A: What’s your hobby?
B: I like…/ My hobby is … A:What’s her hobby?

B:She likes …/ Her hobby is …
A:What’s his hobby? B:He likes …/ His hobby is …

Bill is an American boy. He usually goes to school by bike. Because he likes ______ a bike.Today is his favourite day. There is a science class, a music class and a P.E. class. He can make things in the science class. Especially, he likes_____ ______. In the music class he likes _____ _____ _____, and he likes _______in P.E. class. He has many kinds of beautiful stamps. Because he likes _____ ______ after school.

What’s your hobby? I like playing the violin.

What’s my hobby? You like making kites.
What’s his hobby? He likes taking pictures.

What’s her hobby? She likes collecting stamps.
What’s your hobby? We like playing chess. What’s their hobby? They like cooking the meals.

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