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1.散步 3.问一些问题 5.公共标志 7.发出喧闹声 9.环顾四周 11.在草地上走 13.禁止吸烟 15.保持安静 17.年仅四岁 19.禁止踩草坪 21.四月三日 23.本的生日 25.举办一个生日聚会 27.在九月二日 29.吹灭蜡烛 31.脱下你的戏服 33.一起回家 35.一张日本卡通片光碟 37.谈论假期 39.放学后 41.三副眼镜

43.她的新手机 45.所有的学生 47.两卷胶卷 49.帮我把它们捡起来 51.帮助他 53.观看一场跑步比赛 55.刚才 57.片刻以前 59.在地上 61.在农场 63.拔萝卜

2.上个星期 4.收集鸡蛋 6.看一部电影 8.摘苹果 10.挤牛奶 12.国庆节假期 14.早早去上学 16.在山区行走 18.玩得愉快 20.尝些橘子 1. 课前

24.变得很激动 26.在十月

28.乔装打扮 30.许多美食 32.赏月 34.在圣诞节 36.走亲访友 38.去年春节 40.在中秋节


44.在万圣节之后到来 46.去聚会 48玩灯笼

50.去年端午节 52.吃米粽 54.在我们前面 56.吃一顿大餐 58.如此多的礼物 60.警察局 62.吉姆一家



65.回答问题 67.步行去学校 69. 在星期天早晨 ________________ 71.我的表弟 _________________ 73.看起来一样 _________________ 75.和---一样高_________________ 77.比我小20分_________________

79.孪生兄弟/姐妹 ________________

81.去散步_________________ 83.在你家 _________________ 85.多少岁 _________________ 87.我明白了 _________________ 89.想要做某事 _________________ 91.坐在一棵大树下_______________ 93.变的更强壮 _________________ 95.放学后 _________________ 97.玩球类游戏 _________________ 99.善于/擅长 _________________ 101.很高兴看到 _________________ 103.一个好的足球选______________ 105.在---作得好_________________ 107.在---方面需要帮助 ___________ 109.一样高 _________________ 111.一个好主意 _________________ 113.起床 _________________ 115.走的慢_________________ 117.别迟到 _________________ 119.读新单词 _________________ 121.我们所有人_________________ 123.在六点半 _________________ 125.来自(两种) _________________ 127.去---的路上 ___________ 129.沿着---走 _________________ 131.在第三个十字路口_____________ 133.乘五路公共汽车____________

66.上车 _________________ 68.下车_________________ 70.购物中心_________________ 72.中学_________________ 74.火车站 _________________ 76.向右/左转_________________ 78.度假 _________________ 80.每(隔)四分钟 _____________ 82.到达 ________ ___ ___

84.一本有趣的书 ______________ 86.拿回了--- _________________ 88.星期天下午_________________ 90.听音乐_________________ 92.聊天_________________

94.---怎么样_________________ 96.在度假 _________________ 98.散步 _________________

100.做得更好 _________________ 102.和---一样_________________ 104.最好的季节_________________ 106.堆雪人 _________________ 108.在秋天 _________________ 110.下个礼拜 _________________ 112.去散步 _________________ 114.问路 _________________ 116.某一天 _________________ 118.多远_________________

120.看起来一样_________________ 122.上课(有课) _________________ 124.京剧 _________________

126.附带说说(顺便说说) __ _____ 128.音乐俱乐部_________________ 130.去年_________________

132.观看一场短跑比赛____________ 134.野餐 _________________


135.You’re welcome. 136.only child 137.an exciting film 138.you’ve got 139.the mirror for my sister 140.be very glad to--- 141.at the back of the bus 142.that’s interesting 143.plant trees 144.as strong as---- 145.point to the man 146.three years younger than me 147.from my parents 148.the other children 149.go there by taxi 151.a popular holiday 153.give presents to each other 155.at the camp 157.the light on my right 159.get very tired 161.at the weekends 163.wait and see 165.Sports Day 167.on the phone 169.climb the tree 171.different things 173.would like to do 175.make a birthday card 177.eat moon cakes 179.spend time with sb 181go to beaches 183.watch dragon boat races 185.go camping 187.visit his grandparents 189.buy some balloons 191.look for my earphones 193.get on a bus 195.play with skateboards 197.have a long holiday 199.stay away from the building 201.help sb. with sth. 203.one day 150.talk to 152. jump high 154.in my class 156.That’s true 158.Don’t worry 160.get up earlier 162.do some exercise 164.before I go to school 166.would like 168.read better 170.all the other children 172.Let Helen do it 174.to get there faster 176.in Shanghai Street 178.on holiday 180.by bus 182.That’s all right 184.catch the thief 186.at the hotel 188.stop thief 190.buy some presents 192.a twin sister 194.at the fourth crossing 196.do more exercise 198.get stronger 200.Don’t worry 202.be glad to do 204.take bus No.5 3

205.every five minutes 206.be going to 207.in the countryside 208.go in 209.Sounds good 210.make noise 211.most of the time 212.pick it up 213..ask some question 214.come up to 215.well done 216.come to 217.the post office 218.talk to 219.know everything 231.on holiday 233.planning for the weekend 235.play the violin 237.of course 239.at one thirty 241.talk about 243.have a picnic 245.go on an outing 247.see a play 249.see a Beijing opera 251.take part in 253.singing contest 255.sports meeting 257.buy the way 259.have school 261.class project 263.come home 265.make snowmen 267.turn right 269.in your family 271.jump up and down 273.need help with 275.know how to do 277.how to get there 279.jog to school 281.in the sports field 283.some warmer clothes 230.make a card 232.a piece of paper 234.blow out 236.on the ground 238.listen to 240.all the students 242.a running race 244.Sports Day 246.before class 248.visit a farm 250.go camping 252.apple trees 254.show me some pictures 256.dress up 258.play with 260.dragon boat races 262.last year 264.watch the moon 266.Father Christmas 268.at the back of 270.point to 272.write the diary 274.take it to the park 276.after lunch 278.in front of 280.come after 282.taste peaches 284.a Christmas party 4

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