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Unit 4 I have a pen pal


riding a bike骑自行车

What is her hobby?

dive diving跳水


playing the violin拉小提琴

collect 收集

collecting stamps收集邮票

make 制作
kite 风筝 making kites制作风筝

riding a bike

playing the violin

collecting stamps


making kites

What is your hobby? What is your hobby?

Riding ,riding.

I like riding a bike.
I like diving.

Collecting,collecting. Making,making.

I like playing the violin .
I like collecting stamps. I like making kites .

Bill is an American boy. He usually goes to riding a school by bike. Because he likes ______ bike.Today is his favourite day. There is a science class, a music class and a P.E. class. He can make things in the science class. Especially, he likes_____ ______. making kites In the music class he likes _____ _____, and playing_____ the violin he likes _______in P.E. class. He has many diving kinds of beautiful stamps. Because he likes collecting stamps after school. _____ ______

A: What’s your hobby?
B: I like…/ My hobby is … A:What’s her hobby?

B:She likes …/ Her hobby is … A:What’s his hobby? B:He likes …/ His hobby is …

1、抄写单词并朗读课文对话。 2、用英语来问朋友的爱好,并 记录下来。

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