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搬运_________人们_________ 在周围________一起__________ 欢迎__________聚会__________ 南瓜________蜥蜴__________ 同学_________ 今天__________等待_________ 居住__________ 地图________堂兄__________ 尝试__________ 医生_________ 只仅仅__________仔细地________ 怪物________脖子__________ 握住__________ 听见__________ 品尝__________ 闻__________ 传递________跳房子__________ 扔_________ 理解__________ 迟到__________ 因为__________ 所以________问候__________蔬菜__________ 首先__________ 接下来__________哪个__________ 蜂蜜________努力地________拉__________ 不同的__________ 告诉__________ 前面__________


在椅子下面___________看看___________许多___________来帮忙__________在我的头上__________ 相互问好___________打开灯________________多吃水果___________________扔沙包__________ 正在那时___________动物世界________________捡起_____________把它放在书桌上_____________


(一) 闭音节:以一个元音字母和一个或多个辅音字母(r除外)结尾的重读音节。


a 发 / / bag 写出单词 蝙蝠__________ 平底锅__________ 沙子__________ e 发 / / pet 写出单词 书桌__________ 鸡蛋__________ 兽医__________ i 发 / / pig 写出单词 盖子__________ 嘴唇__________ 击打_________ o发 / / dog 写出单词 热__________ 拖把__________ 不__________ u 发 / / cup 写出单词 坚果________ 切割__________ 枪__________

(二) 开音节:开音节分为绝对开音节和相对开音节两种。

绝对开音节:以一个发音的元音字母(含y)结尾的重读音节。如he me she we

相对开音节:指以一个元音字母加一个辅音字母(r除外)加一个不发音的字母e构成的的重读音节。 如 hide mike bike late nose


a 发 / / 写出单词 弄醒__________ 迟到__________ 日期_________ 相同__________ e 发 / / 写出单词 他__________ 她__________ 我们__________ 彼得__________ i 发 / / 写出单词 骑__________ 话筒_______ 安好的_______ 酸橙__________ o发 / / 写出单词 鼻子__________ 家__________

u发 / /

四、选择to for in at with on about of from填空

1. Show your book_______me. There is a cat_____the tree. Put the vegetables_____the basket.

2. They greet each other_____the “fruit”houses. Welcome ______our school.

3. I like white. How______you? Give your bag ______me. Time_______our English class.

4. Give me a cup______tea. And_____his farm he had a cow.

5. Red is the colour_____an apple to eat. Blue is the colour ______a sea to swim.

6. Two red apples are______the tree. They carry the pumpkin______the little bears’ house.

7. It’s time______lunch. Pass that ruler_______me. They look ____me.

8. The man_______two big eyes is Bobby. We can hear_____our ears. I can stand_______my feet.

9. A lot _____animals live here. ---Where are you_______? ---I am ________England.

10. My little sister takes a bath ____8 pm.

11. Snow White went to the forest(森林) _____a winter afternoon.

12. I often read books _____ the morning.


1.He must ___ at home.(sleep) Who______to know?(want) We each______two eyes and two ears. (have)

2. Each child______an apple.(have) I like________.(lime) They don’t have________money.(some)

3. ______(she)favourite fruit_____(be)peaches. It’s time to______(have)supper. I’d like_______.(dance)

4. He must_____in the lemon house.(be) He______in Beijing.(live) A lot of people______here. (live)

5. Please wait for______.(she) I am______(wait) for you.


1. The girl is doing_______homework. You can wash_______face and brush_______teeth in the bathroom.

2. Pick an apple and put it under the chair. Do you__________?

3. First, Let’s welcome Miss Pear. ________, let’s welcome Mr. Potato. Now let’s welcome______ to dance_______.

4. What colours ______you ______? Please come to the_______, show and______us.

5.Two little red apples are ____a tree.I look ____ _____and _____ look ____me.

6.They fall ____my head and drop ____my feet.

7. Please watch________! What’s in my hat?

8. Many children come_____ ____in the fruit park______the houses are__________.


1. --Can you see ___car?--No,I can’t, but I can see _____bikes.

2. Are there ____people in the park? --No, there aren’t ____people there.

3. Pass me ____onion, please. There are _____in the fridge.(冰箱)

4. There’s ____tea on the table,but there isn’t ____juice.

5. I can see ______cars, but I can't see ______ buses.


1. Her name is May.(同义句)______ ______ _______.

2. Nice to see you! (同义句)_____ _______ ______ _______.

3. You can’t play on the street. (否定祈使句)______ _______on the street.

4. Which one do you like, the pear or the mango?(一般选择疑问句)

______ ______like ______ _____or _____ _______? (提问) ______ can______see?

6. What do you want? (同义句)What_______you________?

7. Hurry up! (否定) ______ _______! ________ in the tree? _______ on the table? ________is red? ________ _______is the apple?

13. I have some books. (变一般疑问句)________ ________have_______ _______?

14. 提问) ______do you_______?

15. 提问) What ______you______with______ ________?

九、 对话填空

A: Hi! My name is Lucy.______ ______name? B: My______is Kate.

A: ______ ______meet you, Kate. B:________ _____meet you, Lucy.

A: Let’s________hide-and-seek. B: Great!

A: Where are you? B:Guess.

A: Are you under the bed? B: _______, I’m not.

A: Are you under the desk? B:No, I’m not.

A: Are you behind the door? B:Yes, I am,

十、 翻译






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