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Amy's taller than Lingling.

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Module 5 Size Unit 1 Amy’s taller than Lingling .



Yao Ming is taller than Pan Changjiang. Pan Changjiang is shorter than Yao Ming .

ler ter der

tig er __ ___
来试着读读左边的 吧!

Boys and girls, look at the pictures and fill in the blanks with: taller, older, stronger, and younger. GO!

taller than 1.Liu Xiang is _____ Pan Changjiang.

stronger than 2.The tiger is ________ the dog. 3.Grandma is ______ older than mother. Mother is younger ______ than grandma.

Look, listen and choose.
1>Amy’s ____ than Lingling. A. taller B. shorter 2>Amy is ____ than Lingling. A. younger B.older 3>Sam is ____ than Daming. A.taller B.shorter

Read and answer.

1>Who is younger than Daming ? Sam.
2>Is Sam stronger than Lingling ? No, he isn’t.

Boys and girls, 你们家都有哪些人呢? (grandpa, grandma, father, mother, sister, brother) 要爱他们哦!想一想, 来做个比较吧。Go!
father is taller 例:My______ ____ than my mother _____. 1.My________ is _____ than my _____ . 2.My________ is _____ than my _____. 3.My________ is _____ than my _____. 4.My________ is _____ than my _____.

Homework: 1.Copy the New words. 2.Read and recite the text. 3.Draw your family.

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