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班级: 姓名: 成绩:___________


A. hear B. card C. eighty

D. hospital E. right F. stop

( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( ) ( )


flower cinema gift cross bus stop


1.(What Where)is Tom going?

2. We are going to(fly flying)a kite this Sunday. 3. Darling,please(be do)careful.

4. What can you do for(our us)


1.I'm going to the


2. They are going to have a big ___________.

3. Don't

4. The girl can take nice ___________.

五、读一读.判断每组句子是(Y)否(N)能组成对话。(16分) ( )1. --How old is your father?

--He is forty-one years old.

( )2. --I can hear the birds in the garden.

--Good idea.

( )3.--Can you play the music for them?

--You're welcome ________ left, please ____________ with

( )4.-- Don't cross the street. The light is red.

--I'm sorry.


B. He is sixty.

C. How old is your Grandpa?

D. She is fifty-eight years old

( )--( )--( )--( )

2. ,I can try.

B. Are you going to Linda's birthday party?

C. Can you make a card, then?

D. I'm going to buy some flowers for her.

( )--( )--( )--( )


Fish: Where are you going, Aggie and Toby?

Toby: Aggie,can you h__________, The fish can s__________! Aggie: That's good! We're going to the s__________. We want to

b__________ some oranges.

Fish: Where is the shop? Do you know?

Toby: No, we don't. Can you help us?

Fish: Of course. Please w________ a minute. I' m going home and

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