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W: Do you know that the world cup is undergoing?

M : Of course !I an so excited。

W: which team do you support ?

M: german team . The German Tank

What is more ,its wonderful that there are many handsome men .

W: there is no deny that Ganmen Team is strong enough that it is gonna be the winner.

But i am the super fans of Braril Team.

M: Brazil World Cup attracted the eyes of the world

W: Although the Brazil World Cup let the world crazy, you heard about Brazil's resistance against the World Cup would.

M: Why?

W: The protesters say, the government investment of

$15 billion to host the world cup, but ignored the medical, educational and other livelihood issues. M: As you said, Brazil as the BRIC countries, the level of economic development is one of the worst.

W:From the economic index of view, indeed

M: No wonder the people of Brazil against the government invested a lot of money in the world cup。

W: An important aspect of people's parade is corruption

M:In Chinese, corruption is very serious problem too. W: This sounds too heavy . Let us enjoy the wonderful world cup.

M: You will see the Italy game tonight.?

W: Of course.

M: We went to buy beer for tonight's game now.

W: It's a deal.You set your alarm clock tonight, don't oversleep

M: The final right away, I won't be sleepy

W: You sound like a Top student

M: You make fun of.

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