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六年级期末测试题 、填写字母把下列单词补充完整。(10分)

___ller b ___gger l __ nger c __ld hav __ h__ ppy s__d n __se b__ red __ngry 、选出不同类的单词(10分)

) ① A、pen B、book C、bag D、elephant

) ② A、cat B、pig C、mother D、spermwhale

) ③ A、apple B、grapes C、TV D、watermelon

) ④ A、lake B、cold C、warm D、cool

) ⑤ A、play B、swim C、fly D、yellow

、单项选择,请你将正确的选项序号放在题前的括号里。(20分) ) 1. I can _____songs.

A . sing B. sings C . sang

) 2. The party will ____ on July 20th.

A .am B . was C.be

) 3. ChenJie ____listening to music.

A.like B. likes C. liking

) 4. Look!Eddie is ____a dog.

A. open B. opens C. opening

) 5. She is _____Nan jing.

A. of B. at C. from

) 6. It`s 5:00 p.m.It`s time _____go home .

A.for B to C. at

) 7. I Chinese hard last year.

A. study B.studied C. studying

) 8. I hope you will feel ______soon.

A. well B. better C. good

) 9.John is _____than Amy .

A. old B.older C. oldest.

) 10. He is going to ______Shanghai this weekend.



nda is a girl. She is 14 years old . She is 152cm tall . She is quiet. She likes going hiking and listening to sic . Last weekend she was ill. She had a bad cold. She had some medicine and a good rest at home. Shen`t do homework or housework. Today she feels better .She is doing her homework now .She is going tosh her clothes this afternoon .She will go hiking with her friends next weekend .

Linda is a quiet girl. ( )

Linda had a fever last weekend . ( )

She did her homework last weekend.

he will go hiking next weekend.

( ) ( ) ( ) 3 Linda didn`t have any medicine last weekend.

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