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闽 教 版 英 语五年级下册教案

Unit 1 Our School Lesson 1

一、Teaching aims

1.New words

first,second ,third,fourth,fifth,sixth,eighth,ninth,tenth,eleventh,twelfth.

2. New sentences

Where is your classroom ? On the third floor.

The teachers’ offices are on the second floor.

3. 运用所学句型描述学校各种教室所在的楼层

二、Teaching points

1. Key points: Grasp the new words and sentences

2. Difficult points: 掌握基本的课堂用语

三、Teaching aids

PPT, word cards

四、Teaching procedures

I. Greetings and warm up

T: Hello,boys and girls. Nice to see you again. Do you know me?

S: ...

T: first, let me introduce myself.

I'm your new English teacher. My Chinese name is Cheng Jinmei. And my English name is Vicky. (Write them on the blackboard) You can call me Vicky. I hope we will have a good time in this term.

Now who can tell me what your name is? My name is Vicky and what’s your name?


T: Who doesn’t have an English name?

S: ...

T: OK, I will give you after class. Everybody is great. I’d like to give everyone 2 points.

II. 积分制度,课堂指令

T: Do you know the rule of our school?

S: ...

T: 你们来的时候有没有看到礼品柜那边的礼物呢?

S: ...


T: 你们想要吗?

S: 想。

T: 想要和得到中间还有两个字,就是要“做到”。你们要做到什么呢?

1. 不迟到,不早退,可以得1面红旗。迟到一次,扣2面红旗。

2. 家校联络单上,有家长签名的可以得1面红旗。

3. 听写100可以得1面红旗,作业2次A++得1面红旗,三次A+得1面红旗。

4. 课堂上积极发言,可以得到相应的红旗数。

5. 最后总分=小组分+个人分。






T: Great. Now I will divide you into 3 groups. You are Group A, you are Group B, and you are Group C. Now let’s have a competition. Are you ready?

S: ...

T: Hello, Group A.

Ga: Hello. Vicky.


T: Well, Group ... is the best, you can get 2 points, and the other 2 groups can get 1 point.



1. When I say " Attention",you should answer "One, two!" and put your hands on the desk.

2. When I say " Who can try?" You should answer " Let me try!" and put up your hands. Are you clear?

S: Yes.

T: Let’s do it together. Attention!


T: Good job.

III. Lead-in

T: Now first let’s count number from 1 to 20 in a breath. Are you ready?

S: ...

T: Very good. And do you know how to spell 6...? Who can try?

S: let me try. S-I-X.

T: Well done, you can get 1 point.


T: Good job. 1-10我们都会了,那第一,第二,第三呢?Do you know how to say? S: ...

T: Today we will learn them. Unit 1 Our School Lesson 1

IV. Presentation


1. T: We can count from 1- 100. 这些叫基数词。而表示顺序的第一,第二,第三...等叫序数词,顾名思义就是表示顺序的。


One first

Two second Three third Four fourth Five fifth Six sixth Seven seventh Eight eighth Nine ninth Ten tenth Eleven eleventh Twelve twelfth

2. T: Now let’s play a game. When I say “first”, the one who is the first should stand up and say “first”. The fastest one can get 1 point for your group. Are you ready、 ...

3. Show a picture of the school building and say:

T: What’s this ?

S: It’s a school.

T: Yeah, and this is our classroom building. Building 大楼。什么叫大楼?一般“比楼顶”,高的就是大楼。记住了吗?

S: Yes.

T: How to spell it? build + ing.

T: What’s in the classroom building?


classroom, teachers’ office, the music / computer / dinning room, school library (用ppt 不断变换显示)

4. Show the picture and ask:

T: How many floors? Can you tell me?

S:(Lead to answer)There are six floors. (Translate the floor)

T: Liu Dong will go to school soon. Chen Ling is showing him around the school. How do Chen Ling show Liu Dong around the school? Now listen to the tape and answer the following questions:

1) Where is Cheng Lin’s classroom?

2) Where is Liu Dong’s classroom?

3) Where are the teachers’ offices?

T: Who can try?



归纳:be on the+序数词+ floor

T: Great. Now let’s read the text together and grasp the meaning of the text.


S: ....

V. Consolidation

1. Finish Part 2 &3.

2. Finish Part 4 ( pair-work)

3. Game:Bingo (first-ninth)

4. 瞬间记忆:

出示图片放置在表格中,让学生看一分钟之后,将图片反过来,让学生猜: “ Where is the panda/ cat...?”

(Review the sentence structure:

Where is the ...?

It’s on the ...th floor.)

VI. Homework

1. 抄写单词4遍,意思1遍,并背诵默写。

2. 抄写句子2遍,意思1遍,并背诵默写。

3. 登陆多媒体网站每天学习15分钟。


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