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Hello,I’m Su Hai. Hi,I’m Mick.

Good morning. Good morning,Miss Li.

This is my mum. This is my dad.

This is a book. One,tow,three. Put the book in the bag. Is this a banana? Yes,it is.

What’s this? It’s a cow. I’m a cat. Miaow,miaow! Touch your nose. Touch your eye.

What can you do? I can jump. Go back to 3. Go to 5. Happy New Year! Thank you.

What colour? It’s blue.


Su Hai Wang Bing Helen Mike

Morning afternoon evening

Dad mum teacher

a book a bag a pencil a pencil box

a banana a pear a mango apeach

a cow a duck a pig a cat a dog

a mouth a nose an ear an eye

run jump sing dance

a card a doll a red packet

red green blue yellow brown


Hello.What’s your name? Hi.My name is David.

How are you,Helen? I’m fine,thank you.

This is my uncle. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you,too. That’s my new ruler. It’s very nice.

Is that a taxi? No,it isn’t.

What’s that? It’s a bee.

Open the door,please. All right.

Can you swim? Yes,I can.

Happy birthday! Thank you. How old are you? I’m seven. Let’s go to the park. Ok.


Nancy David Su Yang Liu Tao

Fine well good

Grandpa grandma uncle aunt

a pen a crayon a ruler a rubber

a bus a car a taxi a bike

a bee a bird a kite a balloon

open the door close the window stand up sit down swim skate play football play chess

one two three four five six seven

a park a zoo a cineme


Aa name Bb book Cc cat Dd dog Ee evening Ff father Gg bag

Hh hand Ii bike Jj jump Kk kite Ll ruler Mm mouth Nn nose

Oo mango Pp pig Qq

Tt taxi Uu pupil

Vv five Ww window Xx queue Rr run box Yy yoyo Ss star Zz zoo

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