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班级:______________ 姓名:______________


1.__________ 2.____________ 3.____________ 4.___________

5.__________ 6.____________ 7.____________ 8.___________


﹙ ﹚1. What is the seventh month ? ________.

A. June B. July C. August

﹙ ﹚2. What is the fourth day of the week ? ________.

A.Thursday B. Wednesday C. Tuesday

﹙ ﹚3. Mr. Wood _________ play badminton .

A. like to B. like C. likes to

﹙ ﹚4. This is _________ chalk.

A.a B. an C. x

﹙ ﹚5. Today is March sixth. Yesterday was __________.

A.March seventh B. March fifth C. March fiveth

﹙ ﹚6. We like purple skirt, ________they like red skirt.

A.but B. too C. either

﹙ ﹚7. She likes donuts. He likes donuts,_________.

A. too B.either C two

﹙ ﹚8. I don’t like black. You don’t like black ________.

A.two B. too C. either

﹙ ﹚9. These ________ yellow markers.

A.are B. is C. am

﹙ ﹚10. January first is _________.

A.Teacher’s Day B. New Year’s Day C. National Day


( )1. What is your address? A. It’s eleven o’clock. ( )2. How tall are you? B. By car.

( )3. What time is it? C. My address is 271 Ninth Avenue. ( )4. What day is it? D. It’s under the desk. ( )5. Where is the chalk? E. I’m 1.35 metres tall. ( )6. How do you go to school? F. Today is Friday, April ninth.


1.weather, the, how’s, today


2.day, it, is, what, today


3.breakfast, eat, morning, in, I, the


4.is, your, colour, favourite, what


5. is, when, Spring Festival



Hello! My name is Jim. I’m twelve years old. I’m 1.45

metres tall. I like purple. That is my favourite colour. I like to read books. It’s my favourite school work. I like pizza and ice cream. They are my favourite food. I live in a house. ﹙ ﹚1. How old is Jim ?

A.Ten B. Eleven C. Twelve

﹙ ﹚2. What’s his favourite colour?

A.Black B. Purple C. White

﹙ ﹚3. What’s his favourite food?

A.Pizza and ice cream

B. Donuts and pop.

C. rice and soup

﹙ ﹚4. What’s his favourite school work?

A.sing songs B. Draw pictures C. Read books ﹙ ﹚5. Where does Jim live?

A. an apartment B. house C. office

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