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1. ---What’s your name? ——你的名字是什么? --- My name is Chen Jie. ——我的名字是陈洁。

2. --- This is John, ——这是约翰。

---Nice to meet you. ——见到你很高兴。

3. ---How are you? ——你好吗?

---I’m fine, thank you. ——我很好。谢谢。

4. ---Let’s paint. ——让我们一起画画吧。 ---Great.

5. ---Look! I have a rabbit.


6. ---May I have a look?

---Sure. Here you are.

7. I like hamburgers.

8. ---Have some French fries.

---Thank you.

9. ---Can I have some chicken?

--- Sure. Here you are.

10. ---How old are you?

---I’m 9.

11. ---How many balloons?



1. ---Where are you from?

--- I’m from America.

2. --- Who’s that woman?

---She’s my mother.

3. --- Who’s that man?

---He’s my father.

4. ---How many kites can you see?

---I can see 12

5. ---How many crayons do you have?

---I have 16.

6. ---Do you like peaches?

---Yes, I do.

7. ---Do you like oranges?

---No, I don’t.

8. ---Where is my car?

---It’s under the chair.

9. ---Look at the elephant!

——太好了。 ——看!我有一只兔子。 ——真酷! ——我能看一下吗? ——当然可以,给你。 ——我喜欢汉堡包。 ——吃一些薯条吧。 ——谢谢。 ——我可以吃一些鸡肉吗? ——当然可以,给你。 ——你几岁了? ——我9岁。 ——有多少只气球? ——4只。 ——你来自哪里? ——我来自美国。 ——那位女士是谁? ——她是我的妈妈。 ——那位男士是谁? ——他是我的爸爸。 ——你能看见多少只风筝? ——我能看见12只。 ——你有多少支油画棒? ——我有16支。 ——你喜欢桃子吗? ——是的,我喜欢。 ——你喜欢橘子吗? ——不,我不喜欢。 ——我的小汽车在哪里? ——它在椅子下面。 ——看那只大象。

--- Wow! It’s so big. ——哇!它好大。

10. It has a long nose and a short tail.


11. It has small eyes and big ears.



1. ---What’s in the classroom? ——教室里有什么?

--- A board, two lights, many desks and chairs.

—— 一块写字板,两盏电灯,很多桌子和椅子。

2. We have a new classroom. ——我们有一个新教室。

3. ---Let’s clean the classroom. ——让我们一起打扫新教室。 ---Good idea. ——好主意。

4. ---What color is it? ——它是什么颜色的? ---It’s black and white. ——黑色和白色。

5. Let me clean the ——我来擦窗户。

6. ---My schoolbag is heavy. ——我的书包很重。

---What’s in it? ——里面是什么?

7. He has short black hair and big eyes. ——他有黑短的头发,大眼睛。

8. ---What’s his name? ——他叫什么名字?

---His name is Zhang Peng. ——他叫张鹏。

9. ---What’s her name? ——她叫什么名字?

---Her name is Amy. ——她叫艾米。

10. She likes music. 她喜欢音乐。

11. ---Is this your bedroom? ——这是你的卧室吗?

---Yes, it is. ——是的,它是。

12. ---Is she in the living room? ——她在起居室吗?

---No, she isn’t. ——不,她不在。

13. Where are the keys? 钥匙在哪里?

14. ---Are they on the table? ——它们在桌子上吗?

---No, they aren’t. ——不,它们不在。

15. ---What would you like for dinner? ——你晚饭想吃什么?

---I’d like some fish and vegetables. ——我想吃鱼和蔬菜。

16. ---How many people are there in your family? ——你们家有几口人? ---Three. ——3口。

17. ---Who are they? ——他们是谁?

---My parents and me. ——我父母和我。

18. ---What’s your father? ——你爸爸是做什么的? ---He’s a doctor. ——他是医生。

19. ---What’s your mother? ——你妈妈是做什么的? ---She’s a teacher. ——她是老师。


1. --- Where is the canteen? ——餐厅在哪里?

--- It’s on the first floor. —— 它在一楼。

2. This is the teacher’s office. 这是教师办公室。

3. That is my classroom. 那是我的教室。

4. ---Do you have a library? ——你们有图书馆吗?

---Yes. ——有的。

5. This way, please. 这边请。

6. ---Is this the library? ——这是图书馆吗?

---Yes, it is. ——是的,它是。

7. ---Is that the art room? ——那是艺术教室吗?

---No, it isn’t. ——不是。

8. ---What time is it? ——几点了?

---It’s nine o’clock. ——9点。

9. It’s time for English class. ——现在是上英语课的时间了。

10. It’s time to go to school. ——上学的时间到了。

11. Breakfast is ready. ——早餐已经准备好了。

12. I’m ready. ——我准备好了。

13. ---Is this your jacket? ——这是你的夹克衫吗? ---No, it’s John’s. ——不,那是约翰的。

14. ---What color is it? ——它是什么颜色的? ---It’s blue. ——蓝色的。

15. ---Whose shirt is this? ——这是谁的衬衫?

---It’s my brother’s. ——我兄弟的。

16. These are your baby pants. 这些是你婴儿时穿的衣服。 They are so small. 好小啊。

17. ---Can I wear my new shirt today? ——今天我可以穿新衬衫吗? ---Yes, you can. ——可以,你可以穿。

18. It’s warm\cold\hot today. 今天是暖和的\寒冷的\炎热的。

19. Those are my shoes. 那些是我的鞋子。

20. ---Where are they? ——它们在哪里?

---They are on your feet. ——它们在你的脚上。

21. ---What’s the weather like in Beijing? ——北京的天气怎么样? ---It’s rainy. ——在下雨。

22. ---Is it cold? ——现在冷吗?

---No, it’s hot. ——不,不冷。

23. ---Can I help you? ——我能帮你做点什么?

---Yes, I want that dress. ——是的,我想要那条裙子。

24. ---How much is this dress? ——这条裙子多少钱?

---It’s ninety yuan. ——90元。

25. ---Are they nice? ——它们漂亮吗?

---Yes, they are. ——是的,很漂亮。

26. ---How much are they? ——它们要多少钱?

---They are thirty-five yuan. ——35元。

27. ---What are they\these\those? ——它们\这些\那些是什么? ---They are goats. ——它们是山羊。

28. ---Are they\these\those sheep? ——它们\这些\那些事绵羊吗? ---Yes, they are. ——是的,它们是绵羊。

29. ---How many cows do you have? ——你有多少头牛?

---One hundred. ——100头。

30. ---How many horses are there? ——那边有多少匹马? ---Twelve. ——12匹。


1. ---Who’s your art teacher? ——你的美术老师是谁?

--- Mr Wu. ——胡老师。

2. ---What’s he like? ——他看起来怎么样?

---He’s very kind. He’s short and thin. ——他很善良。他又矮又瘦。

3. ---Is she strict? ——她很严格吗?

---Yes, she is. ——是的,她很严格。

4. ---What day is it today? ——今天星期几?

---It’sMonday. ——今天是星期一。

5. ---What do you have on Mondays? ——星期一你们有什么课?

---We have English, science and P.E. ——我们有英语课,科学课和体育课。

6. ---What do you do on Saturdays? ——星期六你做什么?

---I often do my homework. ——我通常做作业。

7. ---What would you like for lunch? ——午餐想吃什么?

---I’d like some tomotoes and mutton. ——我想吃一些西红柿和羊肉。

8. ---What do you have for lunch today? ——今天的午饭你吃了什么? ---I have eggplant and tomotoes. ——我吃了茄子和西红柿。

9. ---What’s your favourite food? ——你最喜欢的食品是什么? ---Fish. It’s tasty. ——鱼。味道很好。

10. I don’t like grapes. They’re sour. 我不喜欢葡萄,它们很酸。

11. ---Are you helpful at home? ——你在家乐意帮忙吗? ---Sure.\Yes. ——当然\是的。

12. ---What can you do? ——你会做什么?

---I can sweep the floor. ——我会拖地板。

13. Mother goat is ill. 山羊妈妈病了。

14. This is my new bedroom. 这是我的新卧室。

15. ---Can you do housework? ——你会做家务吗?

---No, I can’t. ——不,我不会做。

16. There is a big closet and a new air-conditioner.


17. There’re blue curtains. 有蓝色的窗帘。

18. I love my new room very much. 我非常喜欢我的新房间。

19. The computer is on the desk. 电脑在桌子上面。

The trash bin is behind the door. 垃圾桶在门后面。

The closet is near the table. 衣橱在桌子旁边。

20. ---What’s your room like? ——你的房间时怎么样的? ---There’s a bed, a closet and a desk.


21. ---Is there a river in the park? ——公园里有小河嘛?

---Yes, there is. ——是的,那里有。

22. I like my village. 我喜欢我的村庄。

23. ---Are there any bridges in your village? ——你的村庄里有桥吗? ---No, there aren’t. ——不,那里没有。

24. The water is clean. The air is fresh. The sky is blue. The clouds are white. 水很清澈,空气很清新,天是蓝色的,云朵是白色的。


1. ---When do you get up? ——你通常什么时候起床?

--- I usually get up at 6:30. ——我通常在6:30起床。

2. --- What do you do on the weekend? ——你周末都做什么?

---I often go shopping. ——我经常购物。

---How about you? \ What about you? ——你呢?∕你怎么样?

---I often play football. ——我经常踢足球。

3. ---What’s your favorite season? ——你最喜欢哪个季节?

---Winter, \ I like winter. ——冬天。∕我喜欢冬

4. ---Which season do you like best? ——你最喜欢哪个季节? ---Spring. \ I like spring best. I can fly kites.


5. ---Why do you like summer? ——你为什么喜欢夏天?

---Because I can swim. ——因为我可以游泳。

6. ---When is your birthday? ——你的生日是什么时候? ---It’s May 4th. ——5月4日。

7. ---What’s the date? ——今天是几月几号?

---It’s October 1st. ——今天是10月1号。

8. ---Is her birthday in June? ——她的生日在6月吗? ---Yes. ——是的。

9. ---What are you doing? ——你正在干什么?

---I’m reading a book. ——我正在看书。

10. ---What is your father doing? ——你爸爸正在做什么? ---He’s writing an E-mail. ——他正在写一封电子邮件。

11. ---What is she doing? ——她正在干什么?

---She is singing. ——她正在唱歌。

12. ---What is it doing? ——它正在干什么?

---It’s running. ——它正在跑步。

13. ---What are they doing? ——他们正在干什么?

---They’re drinking water. ——他们正在喝水。

14. ---Are they catching butterflies? ——他们正在捉蝴蝶吗? ---Yes, they are. ——是的,他们正在捉。

15. ---Are you eating lunch? ——你们正在吃午饭吗?

---No, we aren’t. ——不,我们没有。

16. ---Is he taking pictures? ——他正在拍照吗?

---Yes, he is. ——是的,他正在拍。

17. ---Is she writing a report? ——她正在写一个报告吗? ---No, she isn’t. ——不,她没有。


1. --- How do you go to school? ——你怎么去上学?

--- I go to school on foot. —— 我步行去上学。

2. My home is near. 我家很近。

3. We can go to the bus stop on foot. Then we go to the park by bus. 我们可以先步行到车站,然后坐车到公园。

4. See you then. See you at 2 o’clock. 那再见了,我们两点见。

5. ---Can I go on foot? ——我可以步行去吗?

--- Sure,if you like. It’s not far. ——如果你愿意的话,当然可以,并不远的。

6. ---Excuse me. Where is the library?


--- It’s near the post office. ——在邮局附近。

7. ---Is it far from here? ——离这里远吗?

---No, it’s not far. ——不远的。

8. ---How can I go to the hospital? ——我怎么能到医院?

---You can go by the No.301 bus. Ger off at the cinema. Then walk straight for three minutes. The hospital is on the left.


9. ---How can I go to the mesume? ——我怎么能到博物馆?

---Go straight for five minutes. Then turn left.


10. ---Where is the post offfice? ——邮局在哪里?

--- It’s east of the cinema. ——在电影院的东边。

11. ---What are you going to do this evening? ——今天晚上你将做什么? ---I’m going to the cinema. ——我去看电影。

12. ---When are you going? ——你什么时候去?

--- This evening. ——今天下午。

13. I want to be a science teacher one day. 长大后我想做一名科学老师。

14. ---What’s your hobby? ——你的爱好是什么?

---I like collecting stamps. ——我喜欢集邮。

15. There is a stamp show Sunday. 星期天有一个邮展。

16. Her father works in a school. 她爸爸在一所学校工作。

17. ---Does your pen pal live in Shanghai? ——你的笔友住在上海吗? ---No, he doesn’t. He lives in Beijing. ——不,他住在北京。

18. ---What does your father do? ——你爸爸是做什么的?

--- He’s a teacher. ——他是老师。

19. How exciting! 太令人激动了!

20. ---How does he go to work? ——他怎么去上班?

---He goes to work by bike. ——他骑自行车去上班。

21. ---Where does the rain come from? ——雨是从哪里来的?

---It comes from the clouds. ——来自云。

22. ---First, put the seeds in the soil. Water them. In several days, you can see the sprout.



How tall(heavy,old,big)are(is) you(he/she/your feet) ?

1. ---I’m 11 years old. ——我11岁。

--- I’m 12. I’m one year older than you. ——我12岁,比你大一岁。

2. You’re taller than your brother. 你比你的弟弟高。

3. I’m 160 cm tall. He’s 159 cm tall. 我身高160厘米,他身高159厘米。

4. ---Which m do you like? ——你喜欢哪只猴子?

--- I like the yellow one. ——我喜欢黄色的那只猴子。

5. ---Which m is stronger? ——哪只猴子更强壮?

---The brown m is stronger. ——棕色的那只。

6. I think the little m is only 40cm tall. 我想那只小猴子只有40厘米高。

7. His tail is longer. 它的尾巴更长。

8. ---What’s the matter, Mike? ——迈克,你怎么了?

---I feel sick. I have a fever. ——我生病了,我有点发烧。

9. ---How do you feel? ——你感觉怎么样?

---I feel sick. ——我感觉生病了。

10. ---How does Amy feel? ——艾米感觉怎么样?

---She’s tired. ——她感觉很疲劳。

11. I am excited. 我太激动了。

12. I failed the math test. 我数学考试不及格。

13. I’m sorry to hear that. 听到那件事我很难过。

14. ---What did you do last weekend? ——上周末你做了什么?

--- I played football. ——我踢足球了。

--- Did you read books? ——你看书了吗?

--- Yes, I did. ——是的,我看了。

15. ---Where did you go on your holiday? ——你假期去了哪里?

---I went to Xinjiang . ——我去了新疆。

---How did you go there? ——你怎样去那里的?

---I went by train. ——我坐火车去的。

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