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班级:______________ 姓名:_____________

一. 更换(添、减、换)一个字母使它成为一个新单词。

1. know ________ 2. there_______ 3. car _____

4. bed_______ 5. son_______ 6. these_____

7. nine _______ 8. bike________ 9. but _______

10. back_______ 11. four_______ 12. he________

二. 选择合适的选项,把字母填在题前括号内。

( ) 1. How old _____you?

A. am B. is C. are ( ) 2. I ______ eleven years old.

A. am B. is C. are ( ) 3. This is _________.

A. shoe B. shoes C. a pair of shoes ( ) 4. I go to school ______.

A. bus B. by bicycle C. walk ( ) 5. Where ____you live?

A. does B. do C. are ( ) 6. _______tall are you?

A. Who B. What C. How ( ) 7. I live ______a house.

A. in B. on C. at ( ) 8. This is _____orange.

A. an B. a C. this

( ) 9. Is that ____eraser?

A. your B. you C. yours

( ) 10. This is an apple. It’s ______red.

A. a B. an C. /

( ) 11. How old are you?

A. I’m ten. B. Fine, thank you. C. How do you do? ( ) 12. Nice to meet you.

A. Nice to meet you, too.

B. Fine, thanks.

C. How are you?

( ) 13. __________________ She is Yang Qing.

A. Who’s this boy?

B. Who’s this girl?

C. Are you Yang Qing.

( ) 14. _____________ It’s yellow.

A. What’s it?

B. What colour is it?

C. What do you like?

( )15. How’s the weather today? __________________

A. It’s very hot.

B. It’s Li Ming’s hat.

C. Fine, thank you.

﹙ ﹚16. What is the seventh month ? ________.

A. June B. July C. August

﹙ ﹚17. What is the fourth day of the week ? ________.

A. Thursday B. Wednesday C. Tuesday ﹙ ﹚18. Mr. Wood _________ play badminton .

A. like to B. like C. likes to ﹙ ﹚19. This is _________ chalk.

A. a B. an C. x

﹙ ﹚20. Today is March sixth. Yesterday was __________.

A. March seventh B. March fifth C. March fiveth ﹙ ﹚21. We like purple skirt, ______they like red skirt.

A. But B. too C. either

﹙ ﹚22. She likes donuts. He likes donuts,_________.

A. too B.either C two

﹙ ﹚23. I don’t like black. You don’t like black_______.

A. two B. too C. either ﹙ ﹚24. These ________ yellow markers.

A. are B. is C. am ﹙ ﹚25. January first is _________.

A. Teacher’s Day B. New Year’s Day C. National Day

( )26.--Is this a cab?--___.

A、 Yes, it is. B、 Yes, it isnt. C、 No, it is.

( )27.Tigers eat ________.

A. bananas B. grass C. meat

( )28. Where does a _____ live? In a hole.

A. snake B. panda C. fish

( )29. What has fur?

A. An elephant has fur. B. A bird has fur.

C. A lion has fur.

( )30. Can a cat swim? ________

A. Yes, it can B. No, it cant. C. No, I cant.

( )31.--___ is the gym?--I can show you.

A、 What B、 How C、 Where

( )32.--Its June. The weather is _______.

A、 cold and snowy B、windy and cloudy C、 hot and sunny

( )33.--Lets go _________.

A、 shop B、shopping C、 city

( )34. A bird has ______.

A. feathers and wings B. paws and fur C. fingers and feet.

( )35. _______ is the animal on the farm.

A. Elephant B. Kangaroo C. Cow

三. 找出错误并改正。

1. I am ten year old. _____________

2. I’m 1.3 metre tall. ______________

3. These are shoe. ________________

4. I go to school on bus. ___________

5. What tall are you? ______________

四. 连线.

1. What is your address? A. It’s eleven o’clock.

2. How tall are you? B. By car.

3. What time is it? C. My address is 271 NinthAvenue.

4. What day is it? D. It’s under the desk.

5. Where is the chalk? E. I’m 1.35 metres tall.

6. How do you go to school? F. Today is Friday, April ninth.

五. 连词成句.

1. weather, the, how’s, today


2. day, it, is, what, today


3. breakfast, eat, morning, in, I, the


4. is, your, colour, favourite, what


5. is, when, Spring Festival



( )1、当你邀请别人一块去打乒乓球时,你应说:

A、I want to play ping-pong. B、Lets play ping-pong.

C、You can play ping-pong.

( )2、当你想告诉同学李明在学校,你可以说:

A. Li Ming is in front of the school.

B. Li Ming is inside the school.

C. Li Ming is outside the school.

( )3、当你给别人指路,想告诉他向左转,你应说:

A、Turn left. B、Turn right. C、Go straight.

( )4、当你看到黄灯亮时,你可以对同学说:

A、Red is stop. B、Yellow is wait. C、Yellow is go. ( )5、当你不想买裙子时,你应该说:

A、I want to buy a dress. B、I dont want to buy a shirt.

C、I dont want to buy a dress.

( )6、当你想给别人指路时,你应该说:

A、I can show you. B、I can see you. C、I can work. ( )7、当你看到一只戴着红色帽子的山羊,你可以说:

A. I see a dog in a purple hat.

B. I see a goat in a purple hat.

C. I see a goat in a red hat.

( )8、当你想打扑克,但不知道好朋友会不会玩,你可以说:

A. Can you fly?

B. Ca you play cards?

C. Can you swim?

( )9、当你看到笼子中的狮子很孤独,你可以说:

A. The elephant is dreaming.

B. The monkeys are hugging.

C. The lion is lonely.

( )10、当你想知道猴子吃什么,你可以问?

A. What do monkey eat? B. What do they eat?

C. Monkeys eat bananas.

七. 读短文,选择正确答案。

Hello! My name is Bill. I’m ten years old. I’m 1.5 metres tall. Now I’m wearing a T-shirt, shorts, socks and shoes. I like purple. That’s my favourite colour. I like to draw pictures. It’s my favourite school work. I like pizza and ice cream. They are my favourite food. I like hot dogs, too. ( ) 1. How old is Bill?

A. Nine. B. Ten. C. Eleven.

( ) 2. What’s his favourite colour?

A. Black. B. White. C. Purple.

( ) 3. What’s his favourite food?

A. Donuts. B. Hot dogs. C. Pizza and ice cream. ( ) 4. What’s his favourite school work?

A. Sing songs. B. Draw pictures. C. Read books. ( ) 5. What’s he wearing now?


T-shirt. B. Skirt. C. Pants.

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