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小学英语精美课件_My Classmates

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Unit 1 My Classmates Lesson 1

Teaching aims
? ? 1. 能够正确使用描述人物外貌和性格特 征的单词。 2. 能够正确理解三个形容词性物主代词 his, her, their。 3. 能够理解并简单使用可数名词、不可 数名词与be动词的搭配。


Word box

blond curly slim straight freckles

his her their twins

Look! This is a classroom. What can you see in the classroom? Who are they? What color is Ann’s hair?

The dialogue
A: Binbin,I have a new friend from America. B: What does your friend look like? A: Her hair is blond and curly. She wears glasses. She is tall. B: What’s her name? A: Lisa.

My Friend His/Her name is __________. ________hair is ______________. ________eyes are ____________. ________shirt is ______________. He/Her is ___________________.

Zhao Fang is my friend. Her hair is black and curly. Her eyes are black. she is tall. Her shirt is red.

1. Read the words and sentences 2. Preview lesson 2

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