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小学英语精美课件_who is taller

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Unit 2 who is taller?

Who is ping ? Who is pang?

tall er shorter longer

big small new old smart quiet Funny

bigger smaller

Who is

new er


smarter quieter Funn ier y


Ted Jack



Zheng Jun

Li Ding

Bib Bin


Chen Li

Zhang Hua


Tell me about our class or life? What \ who is ( ) er ______ is ( )er than______

Dear friend,
I am very happy today. Because, I have many new classmates. Now let me tell you about them. Zhang xin is taller than me and Wei hua is shorter than me. Max Is bigger than me. Yaoyao’s hair is longer than my hair and Binbin’s hair is shorter than my hair. Andy is funnier than me, Joy is quieter than me. They are my new classmates, we are good friends. What about your classmates please write to me. ? yours, ? Nina

Homework :

? draw your family or school write down something about them use these sentences we learned today. ? read it to your parents.

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