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line up整队 at ease稍息 attention立正 count off报数

climb the hill 爬山 make a snowman 堆雪人 plant trees 种树 go to school 去上学 go home 回家 feed the fish 喂鱼 wash clothes 洗衣服 water the flowers 浇花

cook the chicken 烹饪鸡 clean the kitchen 打扫厨房

talk on the phone 打电话 watch TV 看电视

listen to music 听音乐 walk the dog 遛狗

give sb. sth.=give sth. to sb.

be going to do sth.

be good at=do well in

Welcome to our school. 欢迎到我们学校.

excuse me 打扰一下 let me see 让我看看

come down 下来 climb trees 爬树

in the zoo 在动物园里 come here 过来

the one in the white skirt 那个穿着白色短裙的

the boy with big eyes大眼睛的那个男孩

at a party在聚会上 the one in red那个穿红衣服的

the one in the green shirt 那个穿着绿色衬衫的男人

be late for school上学迟到

in the car 在小汽车里 Here you are. 给你.

by taxi坐出租车 on foot 步行

go by taxi 坐出租车去 go to the theatre去剧院

go to school by bike 骑自行车去学校 good idea 好主意

play football 踢足球 Something to drink一些喝的东西

something to eat一些吃的东西 play basketball 打篮球

have some juice 喝点果汁 open day 接待日

play the guitar弹吉他 play the piano弹钢琴

two o’clock in the afternoon 下午两点钟

have a music lesson 上一节音乐课

listen to music 听音乐 like swimming 喜欢游泳


play table tennis with friends 和朋友打乒乓

Here’s your change. 这儿是你的零钱。

go to school 去上学 go to the school 去学校 go back home 回到家 Go home 回家

去散步 go for a walk do housework 做家务

Sunday morning 星期天上午 at home 在家

sweep the floor 扫地、擦地板 do homework 做家庭作业 water the flowers 浇花 watch the moon赏月

visit the zoo参观动物园 play with friends 和朋友玩 have a good time玩得很高兴 have a big lunch 吃一顿丰盛的午餐

eat lots of delicious food吃许多美味的食物 in the grass 在草丛中 at weekends在周末 You are welcome. 不用谢 擅长于唱歌 be good at singing 有课,上课 have school 顺便问问 by the way 购物 go shopping

种花 grow flowers 第一节课the first lesson 欢迎回到学校 welcome back to school 严重的咳嗽a bad cough No smoking 禁止吸烟 No littering禁止扔杂物

吃药take some medicine 去看医生go to see a doctor

on the farm(在农场里) fruit trees(果树) in the school playground(在学校操场上) 摄影 take photos 同样的爱好 the same hobby

照看孩子们 look after the children

从星期一到星期五 from Monday to Friday

做一些锻炼 do some exercise

做一些练习 do some exercises


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