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1.带来和平. 2.联合国大楼3.许多4.在??内



1 .visit 2.make 3.play 4.paint

5.jump 6.sing 7.go 8.eat 9.put

10.cut 11.like 12.tidy


1.I want to the school. A. to go B. go C. going

2.She wants to a nurse.. A.do B.be C. make

3.Do you want to go the UN building?. A.inside B.in C.to

4.Many are in the UN. A. country B.countries C.countrys

5.The UN to make peace in the world.. A.wants B.want

6.We can see a lot of flags all around the world.. A. in B.from

7.He wants to get something .

A. drink B. to drink C.drinking

8、Is the UN building big or small? .

A. Yes,it is. B.No, it isn’t C.It’s tall.

9、Who like climbing? The monkey climbing.A.like B.likes C.liked

10、I always ride my bike to school, I go by bus. A. often B. always C. never

11、A: . B: Not very oftenA. What do you do on Spring Festival? B. Do you like noodles? C. Do you often go to

see the film?

12、Here’s a flag China. A. from B. with C. on

13、A: What is it? B: A. They are flags. B. It’s a train C. Yes, it is.

14、Do you want to go ? A. to B. from C. into

15、These flags are from different. A. countries B. country C. countrys

16、They want to peace to the world. A. buyB. bring C. play

17 a fantastic present! A. How B. Where C. What


A. It’s a present from China. B. It’s a bus. C. It’s in New York.


1、from are countries flags 191 There .

2、from I to show Daming a China want present .

3、peace bring They to to the want world .

4、UN want Do you to visit the New York building in ?



soon, be, have got, New York, postcard, from, visit, fly, park, but

Laura lives in , but she isn’t American. She is England.Today, Sam and Amy have got a , it’s from Laura.

Dear Sam and Amy:

Daming is my friend and I want you to my friends, too. Do you like China? Someday I wan toChina. I like Chinese kite and I it with Daming in the . I some chopsticks, they are difficult. Can you teach me? I hope you can write to me. Daming says he will write to you .


The Smart family is looking at a map of China. They want to visit many famous places in China. Sam wants to go to Xi’an and see the Terracotta Warriors (兵马俑). Amy wants to visit Hangzhou. She wants to see West Lake. She knows that West Lake is very beautiful. Sam and Amy’s mother wants to see Guangzhou and Hongkong. She wants to do some shopping. Mr Smart wants to visit the Three Gorges Dam(三峡大坝). It is a very big dam and it’s very interesting. Sam and Amy want to visit the dam, too. Tom wants to stay at home.

1. The Smart family want to visit many in China.

2. Terracotta Warriors is in .

3. Amy wants to see .

4. Sam and Amy’s mother wants to .

5.The Three Gorges Dam is a very dam and it’s very


1 . —Do you want to visit the Great Wall ? —. A . Yes , you do B . No , we doC . Yes , we do 2 . What a big !A . build B . builds C . building

3 . Here is a flag China . A .of B . for C . from

4 . I want the park . A . to go to B . going to C . to go

5 . It ,“From China , 1974 .”A . say B . says C . tells


1 . you want to go to the sea , come with me . A . How B . Where C .When

2 . When you want to ride a bus . A . by B . to C .on

3 .You don’t often clean your room , ? A . don’t you B . don’t we C . do you

4 . He often goes to the zoo , ? A . doesn’t she B . does she C . doesn’t he

5 . How countries are there in the UN ? A . many B . so C . much


1 . What is the UN building open ? A . 正确B . 错误

2 . What big building !A . 正确B . 错误

3 . Look at the school rules(制度). A . 正确B . 错误

4 . When is the Great Wall ? A .

5 . I want to show you a coin from the USA . A . 错误

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