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go for a walk(= have a walk, take a walk) 散步 be glad to do sth. 乐意做某事

have a chat (with sb.) (与某人)聊天 a twin sister双胞胎姐姐(妹妹)

twin sisters(brothers) 双胞胎姐妹(兄弟) look the same 看起来很像

the only child 唯一的孩子 a cute little dog 一只可爱的小狗

be good at 善于,擅长. do well in 在……方面能干

have problems with 在……方面有问题 a football player 足球运动员

some of the boys 部分男孩子 jog to school 慢跑去学校

after school 放学后 all of us 我们所有人 well done 干得好

come from 来自 be on holiday 在度假 get there 到达那儿

go along 沿……走 turn right 向右转 turn left 向左转

every five minutes 每隔五分钟 at the bus stop 在公共汽车站

get off 下车 get on 上车 stop thief 抓贼

take a bus 乘公共汽车 take bus No. 5 坐五路车

be going to ( do sth.) 打算(做某事) next week 下周

go to work 去上班 sounds great 棒极了 most of the time 大部分时间

make snowmen 堆雪人 have snowball fights (with sb.) (与某人)打雪仗

a TV programme 一个电视节目 turn green 变绿 go jogging 去慢跑

go rowing 去划船 go fishing 去钓鱼

in spring ( summer, autumn, winter) 在春天(夏天、秋天、冬天)

on Saturday morning 在周六早上 have school 上学,有课

this afternoon 今天下午 by the way 顺便说一下,顺便问一下

give a concert 开音乐会 at the concert 在音乐会上

have a picnic 野炊 go on an outing 去郊游 take part in 参加

the sports meeting 运动会 by the window 在窗的边上

write to sb. 写信给某人 want to do sth. 想做某事

yesterday afternoon 昨天下午 have the same hobbies 有相同的爱好

tell sb. about sth. 告诉某人有关某事 ask for 要求,请求 thank sb. for sth./ doing sth. 感谢某人做某事 a few days later 几天后

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