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五、判断下列单词划线部分发音是否相同,相同的打“ √”,不同的打“ ×”。

( ) 1.how mouth

( ) 2. bread teacher

( ) 3. sheep sleep

( ) 4. peach jeans

( ) 5. great seat


1. sm__ rt ( ) 2. s tr__ct ( ) 3. act _ ve ( )

4. st__dent ( ) 5. pr__ncipal( )


( )1.This is ___ university student..

A 、 an B、 a C、 不填

( )2._____funny? Yes, she is.

A 、Is he B、 Who’s C、 Is she

( )3. What ____ is it today?

A、today B. day C、it

( )4. Today ___ Friday. C、

A. is B. are C、am

( )5. We ___English, math and P.E.

A have B has C、are

( )6.. What do you do ___ Sundays?

A. on B. in C、for

( )7 Sunday is fun _____ me.

A on B for C、to

( )8 It’s time ____ get up

A. to B B for C、in

八. 根据汉语提示完成句子。


______ is your _____ Chinese teacher ?

2、.她长得怎么样? 哦,她又高又瘦。

_____ she like ? Oh, she is tall and thin.


Is he ________? Yes, and he is very ______

4、 星期四你上什么课?

What _____ ______ ______ on __________?


I ______ _______ _______.


My name is Amy. I go to school from Monday to Friday. Every morning I get up at 6:30. I have four classes in the morning and two in the afternoon. We have English, math and science on Monday morning. I like Fridays very much, because I have P.E class and I can watch TV on that day.

( )1. Amy gets up at 6:30.

( )2 Amy has five classes every day.

( )3. Amy likes math very much.


( )4. Amy likes Saturdays.

( )5. Amy has English, math and science on Monday morning

Unit two



1. on tomorrow( ) 2. Monday says ( ) 3.education much ( )

4. housework soup ( ) 5. have grape( )


___________→ Monday_______ → ________ → ________ →__________

→ Saturday


1一个男孩在写东西_________ 2一个男孩在看电视__________ 3一个男孩在看书_________ 4一个男孩在玩电脑_________________


1.如果你想问“今天是星期几?”应该说:( )

A. What do you do on Mondays? B. What day is it today?

C. When is your birthday?

2. 如果你想问“你们星期一上什麽课?”应该说:( )

A. Monday is my favorite. B. We have English, math, and P.E.

C. What do you have on Monday?

3.如果你想说:“我喜欢星期六。”应该说:( )

A.What do you do on Saturdays?

B. like Sundays. I watch TV on Sundays. C. I like Saturdays.

4.别人问你:“What do you do on Saturdays?” 你应该回答:( )

A. I like Saturdays. B. It’s Saturday t

C.I play computer games and read books on Saturdays.

5.“你呢?”除了说“What about you?”外,还可以说:( )

A. Oops! B. Oh, Really? C. And you?


( )1.Mother’s Day is ____

A. on B. at C. in

( ) 2.We have English______ Mondays and Wednesdays.

A. in B. of C. on

( ) 3.I want_____ sneakers.

A. a B. a pair C. a pair of

( )4. I need to do some _______. I need some ________.

A. shop crayons B. shopping, crayons C. shopping, crayons

( ) 5. -Who’s that young lady? -__________is our principal.

A. He B. she C. She

( ) 6.I often do my homework_______ weekends.

A. in B. on C. of

( ) 7.It’s 8:00. It’s time _______get up.

A. to B. \ C. for

( ) 8.-I often play ping-pong.-Great! I can play ______you.

A. at B. with C. and


( ) 9.___We have two English classes this afternoon .Really? We have English,

A. two B. too C. to

( ) 10.He’s tall and strong, that’s sure.

A. of B. in C. for

( ) 11.I often read some and watch TV.

A. book B. books C. notebook

( ) 12.Amy Saturdays.

A. like B. on C. likes



1. What do you have on Mondays? That’s right!

2. What day is it today? Great! I can play with you.

3. What do you do on Sundays? I have English and art on Mondays.

4. I often play football. It’s Monday.

5. I do my homework on Saturdays. I do my homework at home on Sundays.


1. It’s Saturday today.(对画线部分提问). . (对画线部分提问)

3. I watch TV and do my homework on Saturdays. (对画线部分提问)

4. I like Saturdays.(改为否定句 )

5. What day is tomorrow? (根据实际情况回答)


1. I do housework on Sundays.

2. Oh, I play computer games on Monday evening.

3. It’s 9:00. It’s time to read books.




day. On__________, we have English, Math, Chinese and computer. On _____ ,we have Math ,English and two History(历史) classes . On__________, we have Art, Music and we watch Science movies. On ______ ,we have English ,Art , Music and P.E. On______, we have two Chinese classes and two Social study. English is my favorite subject(课程)and I study hard .



Amy: What day is today?

Grandma: Saturday. What do you do today? Amy: I do homework and play ping-pong. Grandma: What do you do on Sundays?

Amy: I read books and watch TV. What about you? Grandma: I do some housework and watch TV, too. Amy: Let me help you. I do housework, too! Grandma: Good girl, Thank you!

Now you’re Amy. Answer the questions:

What do you do on Sunday? What do you do on Saturday?

Do you play ping-pang on Sunday? Do you do homework on Sunday? 五年级上册期中测试题



fun fish old but like social mutton from university on principal kind not_________________________________________________________ kid_________________________________________________________ bus_________________________________________________________ no _________________________________________________________ five________________________________________________________ 二、纵横填字母组成单词。(8分)


1、笔友___________ ___ 2、好吃又有益于_________________ 3、美术老师________________ 4、给我说说你的_________________


5、午饭吃土豆________________ 6、学校校报__________________


( ) 1.I’m hungry. __ go to a restaurant.

A. Let is B. Let’s C. Lets’

( )2.On Mid-Autumn Day, people usually eat ____.

A. zongzi B. mooncakes C. dumplings

( )3.Who’s _____ math teacher?

A. you B. your C. yours

( )4.What’s ____ like?

A. her B. she C. him

( )5.____ tall ? Yes, she is.

A. is she B. Is her C. Is she

( )6. --Who’s that old man?

-- _____ my new science teacher.

A. he’s B. His C. He is

( )7. What do you have ____ dinner today?

A. in B. from C. for

( )8. -- What’s your favorite fruit?

-- ________.

A. Pork. B. Carrot juice. C. Grapes.

( )9. I am hungry. I’d like ____.

A. to have some noodles and pork.

B. to do homework.

C. to play ping-pong.

( )10. – Who’s that young lady?

-- She’s our music teacher, ____ White.

A. Mr. B. / C. Miss

( )11. In America, Thanksgiving Day is the ____ Thursday in November.

A. four B. fourth C. first

( )12. – Who’s your art teacher?

-- ____ . He’s tall, and he’s very funny.

A. Mr. Jim. B. Mrs. Carter. C. Mr. Carter.

( )13. What do you do ___ Saturdays and Sundays?

A. in B. at C. on

( )14. What’s your favorite day __ Willow School?

A. on B. at C. from

( )15. I often paint or watch TV on Saturdays. Saturday is fun ____


A. for B. with C. to

( )16. – I have three new teachers.

-- Who ____?

A. is it B. they are C. are they

( )17. 如果你想说:“她的课很有趣。”应该说 _____

A. His class is so much fun.


B. Her class is so much fun.

C. She is very funny.

( )18. 如果你想说:“那一点是很肯定的。”应该说 ____

A. Sure. B. Oops! C. That’s for sure.

( )19. 别人问你“What do you do on Fridays?” 你应该回答 :( )

A. I like Fridays.

B. I play computer games and read books on Fridays.

C. It’s Friday today.

( )20. 如果你想问“她是你的新音乐老师吗?”应该说:( )

A. Is she your music teacher?

B. She is your new music teacher.

C. Is she your new music teacher?


Chen Jie是一名小记者( reporter )。有一位美国老师Mr. Bill Steven和两名学生 Jim and Carol刚来到学校。这里有他们的个人简介。Chen Jie正在对他们进行采访。请根据个人简介提供的信息完成下面的对话,每空填写一个单词。(

Chen Jie: Welcome to our school. Can I interview you for our school newspaper?

Mr. Steven: Sure.

Chen Jie:_____ ____ _____ ____ on the weekends(周末),Mr. Steven? Mr.

Steven: Well, I often read some book and watch TV on Saturdays. ______

________, I often do some shopping.

Chen Jie: Thank you. _______ _______ ________,Jim?

Jim : On Saturdays, I usually do homework and play football. On Sundays, I often watch TV. I love the TV programs(节目)here in China.

Chen Jie: _______ _______ _______ ________ _______?

Jim: I love bananas. They’re yummy. They’re my favorite.

Chen Jie: Do you play football on Saturdays, too, Carol?

Carol: No. I often read books and listen to music. Sometimes I learn 6


I love China, and I love Chinese. On Sundays, I often go shopping with _____ ______, Mr. Steven.

Chen Jie: Really? Mr. Steven?

Mr. Steven: Yes, Carol is my daughter. Uh-ha.

Jim: And Mr. Steven is our math teacher. His class is so much fun. Chen Jie: Thank you so much.



( ) But I don’t like tomatoes. They’re too sour.

( ) My favorite food is tomato. It’s healthy and fresh.

( ) Good idea! Thanks. Bye!

( ) Oh, eggplant! It’s my favorite. What’s your favorite food? ( 1 ) It’s Saturday today. I need to do some shopping.

( ) I need four carrots, five potatoes, some bananas and some eggplant.

( ) OK. Everything is here. Come to my home tomorrow. Let’s have a party.

( ) I’ll help. Let’s go. What do you need?

7 .

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