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Industrial robot
Focus on the Shanghai World Expo 2010

1. Reduce operating cost ? Overheads and direct cost ? Improved competitiveness 2. improve product quality and consistency ? Avoid tiredness and distraction ? High quality finish for every product produced 3. Improve quality of work for employees ? Robots are ideal for job in dusty, hot and hazardous environment ? Employee can learn valuable robots programming skills.

4. increase production output rates
Use robots to achieve continuous production

5. increase product manufacturing flexibility One can handle a variety of tasks. 6. Reduce material waste and increase yield
Reduce breakages, scrap and wastage

7. Comply with safety rules and improve work place health and safety. Robots can take over unpleasant and health threatening tasks.

8 Reduce labor turnover and difficulty of recruiting workers
? ensure the highest precision, levels of skills and training. ? Offer greater flexibility of robots

9. reduce capital costs
? Save energy, reduce waste and cost of consumable used. ? Ensure a fast, efficient order turnaround

10. save place in high value manufacturing areas
Variety of mounting options help save space Robots are ideal for confined spaces

The platoon explodes

? 解放军排爆机器人

Fire robot



The rescues robot

? 救援机器人

Spatial robot

Anti-terrorist robot


illumination robot

? 照明机器人

Assembles the robot

? 装配机器人

Nuclear industry robot

? 核工业机器人

汽车领域机器人 Automotive robot

医学领域机器人 Robot medicine
? Medical advances continue to promote robotics technology forward for the future depicts a beautiful blueprint for the surgery.

军事领域机器人 Military robots
Military robot is developed for military purposes automatic robot, in future wars, Robot soldiers will be fighting against the enemy's military action is absolutely the main.

Industrial robots line

Industrialized production assembly robot

Industrial robots maintenance


Packing robot arm

Manipulator is imitate human hand movements, according to the given program, track and demanding acquirement, handling and operation of the automatic device. It is especially in high temperature and _____________, high pressure ________________ ______, dusty inflammable, _________, explosive radioactive, such as environment, and heavy ______and drab frequent operation ______, ________ instead of human homework, so get more extensive application

机械手是模仿人的手部动作,按给 定程序、轨迹和要求实现自动抓取、 搬运和操作的自动装置。它特别是 在高温、高压、多粉尘、易燃、易 爆、放射性等恶劣环境中,以及笨 重、单调、频繁的操作中代替人作 业,因此获得日益广泛的应用。

移动机器人(AGV) automatic guided vehicle

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