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Task Package 3

Solar radiation on Earth is very large, about 40 minutes of solar Irradiation on earth . It's sufficient for people all over the world use for one year. Solar energy is inexhaustible. Solar power is absolutely clean ,and there is no harm. So solar power is an ideal source of energy
照射在地球上的太阳能非常巨 大,大约40分钟照射在地球上 的太阳能,足以供全球人类使 用一年。太阳能是取之不尽、 用之不竭的。而且太阳能发电 绝对干净,不产生危害。所以 太阳能发电是理想的能量来源。

Solar power system consists of
Solar batteries 太阳能电池组 Solar controller 太阳能控制器 Storage battery 蓄电池
Inverter 逆变器

Solar panel(太阳能电池板): Core(核心) , It will change the sun‘s radiation(放射、照 射) energy into electrical energy Solar controller(太阳能控制器): control the entire system state, play a role of battery charge protection, over discharge protection(过充电保护).In the place of large temperature difference(温差较大),the Controller also has the function of temperature compensation(补 偿). Battery(蓄电池): Store the energy Issued(发出的能量)by the solar panels and released(释放) when needed. Inverter(逆变器): Change the DC energy Issued by the solar power system into AC energy.

When the surface of solar cells exposed to light, the part of the photon absorbed(吸收) by silicon material(硅材料); photon's energy transfer to the silicon atom(原子), The electron electronic transition(跃迁) and become a free electron, on both sides of P-N junction-N结) agglomeration(集聚)and formed(形成) a potential difference(电位差), when the external access through the circuit(电路), under the effect of the voltage, There will be a current flow through the external circuit and produce a output power. The essence(本质) of this process: photon energy into electrical energy.(Photovoltaic effect光 伏效应)


Disadvantages (1) The density of radiation is small, but take up a huge area (2) Getting energy is related to the weather (3) Instabilities (4) Low efficient and high cost
照射的能量分布密度小,即要 占用巨大面积 获得能源与天气有关 不稳定性: 效率低和成本高

优点 Advantages
①No risk of depletion ②Absolutely clean ③Unrestricted usage ④High quality energy ⑤Price acceptable ⑥Time-saving
A.无枯竭危险 B. 绝对干净 C.使用不受限制 D.能源质量高 E.使用者容易接受 F.节省时间

As early as 1980, NASA and the Department of Energy have a proposed ideas ,that's to building a solar power stations in space,
早在1980年美国宇 航局和能源部就提 出在空间建设太阳 能发电站设想,

They want to put in the synchronous orbit a large plate which would be 10 km in length and 5 km in width, covered with solar cells, It will provide 500 million kilowatt

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