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一、听音圈出你所听到的单词。8% 每小题读两遍。

1) Wait! 2) This machine cuts the potato.

3) Don’t walk on the grass. 4) This computer is cheap. I can buy it.

5) The mouse ate the cheese. 6) This pencil-box costs ten yuan.

7) Don’t talk to your friends in the library. 8) I was very nervous before the concert.

二、、听音,给下列图片标号,序号用1,2??8表示。16% 每小题读两遍。

1. The Maths is difficult. 2. The TV is expensive.

3. Wash your hands, please. 4. At the factory, there’s so many things for you to see.

5. Silence, please. 6. She’s playing the violin.

7. Don’t walk on the grass! 8. Last year, he played the piano in a concert.

三、听问句,选择答句 ,把序号写在括号里10% 每小题读三遍。

1. Where did you go?

2. What did she play?

3. Does Amy like Chinese music?

4. When did you go to England?

5.How did Xiaoyong go to school yesterday?

四、听音,把分开的两部分连成句子,把序号写在( )内。10%每小题读两遍。

1. Don’t touch the machines, please! 2. Then one day a wolf came to the field.

3. Do you want to listen to Chinese music? 4. Tilly broke the door and ran away.

5. What is expensive? A car is expensive.

6. I don’t want a big screen.


1. Don’t feed the ducks.

2. Everyone clapped. I was happy and I was very proud.

3. Yesterday was Mother’s Day.

4. The erhu looks like the violin.

5. I like swimming and running.

6. One upon a time, there’s a boy named Maliang. He was good and nice.

六、听短文,判断下列句子是否正确。正确的打“√” ,错误的画“×” 。 短文读三遍。

Yesterday, I finished my homework. But I didn’t wash my shirt. I didn’t clean my room. But I helped my mum. I went into a shop. I bought some sweets. I saw a toy monster. I was scared.

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