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5B module 3练习

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5B Module 3练习设计 Name No.

一.将划线部分发音相同的单词归类 [a:] _____ _____ [ai] _______ ______

[e ] _____ ____ [ u] ______ ______[ ] _____ _____


( ) 1. Jack ____three apples last night.

A. eats B. eat C. ate

( ) 2. There _____ thirteen millimetres of rain yesterday.

A. was B. were C. are

( ) 3. How many felt-pens ____ your brother ____every day? Three.

A. does...buy B. did...buy C. is...buying

( ) 4. Look, that tall man is _______ the rice in the field.

A. cuts B. cut C. cutting

( ) 5. It ____ very cold last winter. But it ____ warm this winter.

A. was...was B. was...is C. is...is

( ) 6. Have you got ___black plums?----Yes, I’ve got ___ black plums.

A. some...any B. any...any C. any...some

( ) 7. The sun is high in the _________.

A. morning B. afternoon. C. evening

( ) 8. I’ve got two9 screwdrivers. ______ screwdrivers are big.

A. All B. Many C. Both

( ) 9. ________ the pandas are black and white.

A. All B. Many C. Both

( )10. The pupils are playing _____ the island.

A. in B. at C. on


1. (taste) the apples. Are they the same?

2. Are the monkeys (swing) on the tree.

3. The young waiter (go) home late , at 12:00 every night.

4. The elephants (eat) six times a day.

5. Listen, can Alice and her brother (sing) well?

6. Have you got any 7. Whose flowers are these? They are 8. The car is 9. What your father He’s a fisherman.

10.Who is (ride) a bicycle on the playground.


I get to Hong Kong Station at a quarter to one. My aunt Betty is meeting me there.

Hong Kong is very, very busy. I’m glad I am with my aunt. She and I go on a

ferryfrom the Station to Hong Kong Island. The harbour (港)is beautiful! There are

many tall buildings. Some of them are made of glass. So you can see sky reflected in

them. In the evening, my aunt and I go to a Japanese restaurant. It’s delicious.

1. When do I get to Hong Kong?

2. Where dose my aunt live?

3. How is Hong Kong?

4. How can we go to Hong Kong Island?

5. Are all the buildings made of glass?

6. Can you see the harbour in the tall building?

7. Where do we eat in the evening?

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