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5B M3U2练习

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5B M3U2练习 Name

将划线部分发音相同的单词归类 farmer walk slide know hair ball nice boat where basket

[a:] _____ _____ [ai] _______ ______

[e ] _____ ____ [ u] ______ ______[ ] _____ _____ 按照要求填写单词

1、反义词:brave ______ loud _______ same ________

2、单数: mice _______ nurses _______ feet ________ ours_____

3、复数: leaf _______ sheep ______ child ______ 选择填空

1.( ) Sam! Sam! Where ______ you?

A. were B. are C. was

( ) Your Sam ______ here this morning.

A.were B. are C. was

( ) At twelve o’clock, it _____ out with a cat.

A. go B. went C. going

2.( ) I’ve got many toys. ____ presents are from my friends.

A. All B. All the C. Both 3. ( ) toy birds are those ? Are they ?

a.Whose… theirs b. Who’s …yours c. Whose… her 4. ( ) is the Rainbow Hotel? a. How b. When c. Where ( ) Walk this road. a. long b. to c. along

( ) It’s the right. a. on b. in c. to

5.( ) Do you want any apples?

Yes, I like apples. The red ______ or the green _____?

A. one... ones B. ones...one C. ones... ones

6.( ) I can _____ the coffee. It is very nice.

A. feel B. smell C. hear 填入恰当的内容完成下面的对话

A: Look. It is ________ now! (raining, rain)

It’s usually_____ in spring. (rainy, rain)

B: I don’t like the ______.(rain, raining) I like the sun.

A: My uncle is a farmer. He likes the rain. And he ______ the sun, too.(likes, doesn’t)

_________ my uncle doesn’t like the wind.(But, And)

He doesn’t like the storms, either.


1. (taste) the apples. Are they the same? 2. Are the monkeys (swing) on the tree. 3. The young waiter (go) home late , at 12:00 every night. 4. Listen, can Alice and her brother (sing) well?

5.Mr Green ______(live)in Beijing three years ago.


What’s your favourite animal?_____________________________________

1. What do you eat for your breakfast?_____________________________________

2. What’s the weather like yesterday?


3. What time do you often go the bed?_____________________________________

4. Did you get up at eight o’clock this morning?



1.I get up very early.(yesterday)__________________________

2.Min likes the fresh fish. _______________________________

3.The monkeys eat 11 kilos of fruit every morning. ________________________

4. Do some cleaning, Tom.(否定句)________________________________

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