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5B M3U3练习

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5B M3U3练习 Name


( ( ( ( ( 一、写出划线单词的同类词。5%

1. 2. 3. We have our lessons on ______________ ,___________ Tuesday and Friday.


( ) 1. One boy in our class ______ a computer.

A. have B. are having C. has

( ) 2. My father wants me_______ a birthday present for my mother.

A. buy B. buying C. to buy

( ) 3. There was a spaceship. It _____ into the sky.

A. flyed B. flew C. flaw

( ) 4. Look, I have many dolls. ______ of them are beautiful.

A. All B. Both C. All the

( ) 5. Your bicycle is shiny, mine is shiny, too. Ours are _______.

A. same B. different C. the same

( ) 6. I usually have my lunch at _______ a.m.

A. a quarter to twelve B. half past twelve C. a quarter past twelve

( ) 7. Whose is that car? Is that Kitty’s? Yes, it’s _______.

A. her B. hers C. she

( ) 8. Mum, I can’t find my glasses. Where are they? They are _____ the box.

A. beside B. in front of C. inside

( ) 9. We went to the _______ last Sunday.

A. restuarant B. restaurant C. restaurent

( ) 10. What weather do you like? I like ____________.

A. the rainy B. rain C. the rain


1. Jack, ________ (cut) the beanstalk.

2. Those _________ (rabbit) eyes are big.

3. _______(you) bell is loud, _______ (I) is quiet.

4. Listen! The girls in red _____________ (sing) in the music room.

5. ________(be) you in the teachers’ office just now? No, I _____ (be) in the library.

6. I don’t like this supermarket. It’s _____________ (noise).

7. My grandpa __________ (build) a new house last year.


1. How was the weather the day before yesterday? (换一种说法)

2. (划线提问)

3. These shelves are ours. (改单数句)

4. There was some furniture in the bedroom. (否定句)

5. Hong had some ducks and chickens on his farm. (一般疑问句)

6. 划线提问)

7. Helen’s father goes to Beijing by plane every year. (换一种说法)


A. 完型填空

Here’s the ____________ for Saturday, the twenty-first of June. This morning it was

cloudy. The temperature was 28 __________. This afternoon it was wet. There were

8 ______________ of rain. This __________ it was windy. A ___________ is

coming from the South China Sea.


Miss Gray lived alone (独自) in an apartment house, she was old and did not

like noise at all. One day a young man moved into the room above her. He looks

quiet, Miss Gray thought(想).

However, at three o’clock the next morning, Miss Gray was woken up (吵醒)

by the barking of a dog.

She thought, I’ve never heard a dog here before, it must belong to(属于) the

new man in the room above me. So she telephoned the young man, said some nasty

(恶劣的)things to him about the dog, and then hung up the telephone before he

could answer.

At three o’clock the next morning, Miss Gray’s telephone rang. When she

answered, the young man said, “I’m the man upstairs, I’ve called to tell you that I

haven’t got a dog.”

( ) 1. Miss Gray had no children living with her.

( ) 2. Miss Gray was a quiet woman.

( ) 3. The young man had a dog.

( ) 4. Miss Gray didn’t like the barking dog.

( ) 5. The young man didn’t call the woman the next morning.

八、写作:The life cycle of a butterfly 5%


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