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一. 完成下列单词,并写出中文意思

1.m__ch__ne ( ) 2. p__t__t__( ) 3. d__ck ( )

4.gr__ss( ) 5.w__ __t( ) 6.s__lenc__( )

二. 连词成句

1. please don’t machine touch the

2.glass wear please these

3. touch anything don’t

4. crisps machine make these

三. 完成单词并连线

1.d__ff__c__lt 便宜的

2.exp__ns__ve 选择

3.p__rf__ct 困难的

4.ch__ __p 完美的

5.ch__ __se 昂贵的

四. 用 at. on . to . for 填空

This computer is good ___computer games.

It’s difficult ___choose.

Look___all the students.

I can take it __school __my bike

五. 写出单词的过去式

run ____ say____ laugh___

eat____ come____ shout____

go____ buy_____ see____

六. 选择正确答案

( ) 1.Once upon a time, the boy looked ___sheep.

A. on B.after C.at

( )2.The boy ran ___the village

A. to B.in C.over


( )3.They said,”Don’t ___lies!”

A.say B talk C tell

( )4.There ____no wolf. The boy laughed.

A.was B. were Cis

5.The people __angry

A.was B.were C.very

七. 连词成句

1. the boy ran the village to

2.the didn’t field to people the run

3. after sheep he looked

4.sheep wolf the ate all

八. 根据课文填空

after was bored field wolf shouted tell once ran ______upon a time, there ______a boy, He looked _____sheep. The

boy was ____.He ____to the village. He ______”wolf,wolf”. Everyone ran to the ________. There was no ______. The people said,” Don’t ___ lies.”


is go buy eat see break run

Mary ___a mouse. Yesterday, she ______into a shop. She _______some cheese.

Then she _____the cheese. Mary ____a cat, He ______scared. Mary ______the door



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