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1.--______ are you from? --I’m from the UK.

A. Where B.What C.Who

2.--_____is that man? --_______ is my father.

A. Who, He B.Who, She C.Where, He

3.This is Mr Jones. ________ is a teacher.

A. She B.He C.It

4. --Is he your brother? --__________

A.Yes, he isn’t B.Yes, she is C.No, he is.

5. --Is she your mother? --___________

A.Yes, he is. B.Yes, she is. C.No,he isn’t

6. Look at the elephant. It _______ a long nose and big______.

A. Has, ear B.has, ears C.have,ears

7. This is _________ elephant. It has small______.

A. a, eyes B.an, eyes C.a, eye

8.--_____ is my ruler? -- It’s in your pencil box.

A. Where B. What C.Who

9.--Is it on the desk? --________

A. Yes, it is. B.No, it is C.Yes, it isn’t

10.--Let’s buy some --________

A. OK B.Good C.Sorry.

11.--_______ you like apples? --Yes, I do.

A.Do B.Are C.Is

12.--I don’t like grapes. --__________

A. Me, neither. B.Me, too. C.Me, two.

13.--I like bananas. --_________

A. Me, neither. B.Me, too. C.Me, two.

14. --Have some grapes. ---_____

A. Thanks B.Here you are. C.OK

15.--Can I have some strawberries? --________

A. Sure, here you are. B.Thanks C.No

16.--_______ kites do you see? --I see 13.

A. How many B.How much C.How old

17.--_______ are you ? --I am 10.

A. How many B.How much C.How old

18. --How many cars do you have? --I______10.

A. have B.see C.know

19. How many _____ do you see?

A. fish B.fishes C.fishs

20. How many ________ do you have?

A. strawberries B.strawberry C.strawberrys 默写26个字字母


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