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1, When do you/does she(he) +动词词组? 什么时候做…

When do you play sports? I usually play sports at 3:00

2,What do you do on the weekend? ----- I often go shopping/hiking. 3, Can I ask you some questions? ----- Yes, I can/ No, I can’t 4, I can/ can’t play football 我会/不会做…(表能力)

5,What’s your favorite season?=which season do you like best?最喜欢哪个季节

6, What’s the weather like in spring? ----It’s windy and warm (询问天气)

7,why do you like summer/winter? ---because…..(询问原因) 8, what would you like to do? ---I ‘d like to climb mountains(询问意愿)

9,When is Children’s Day/ your birthday? ----It’s on ….(询问某人生日或节日)

10,How many students are there in your class? -----40(询问多少) 11, Who has a birthday in October?(对人物的某事提问)

12,What are you/is he(she) doing? ----He is drawing picture Is he drawing picture? ----Yes, he is/ No he isn’t

13,Can I speak to Tome please?(打电话)

This is Mary ---Who is that?

14,What’s the date? (询问日期) -------It’s June 23th

15, What day is it? (询问星期几)


have English class.

do morning exercises.

play sports.

play football.

eat breakfast.

eat dinner.

get up.

go to school.

go to work. .

go shopping.

go hiking

next Sunday.

clean your hands

play the piano

in the evening.

in the moring.

in the afternoon.

on the weekend

brush your teeth

go to bed.

visit grandparents.

climb mountains

make a snowman

plant trees

fly kites====fly a kite

go swimming

have a picnic play with snow===play in the snow wake up

drawing pictures

doing the dishes

cooking dinner

reading a book

answering the phone

doing homework

listening to music

clean the room

washing the clothes

writing a letter

writing an e-mail

picking up leaves.

Having a picnic.

Catching butterflies.

Taking pictures

do anexperiment.

Watching insects

playing chess

writing a report.

Tree-planting Day

Women’s Day

Teacher’s Day

New Year’s Day

Children’s Day

Army Day

National Day


注:正在进行时 be doing (标志词语:now / look! / Listen!)


--- What is + 某人 + doing?

--- He / She / 某人 + is + 行为活动ing

例:①A:What are you doing?

B:I'm +reading a book.

②A:What are the tigers doing ? 老虎正在做什么?

B:They are eatng. 它们在吃东西

二.Be 动词引导的现在进行时的一般疑问句:

Is引导的一般疑问句,谈论他人(单数)是否正在进行某活动: Are引导的现在进行时的一般疑问句,谈论人们(复数)正在进行的活动

--- Is he / she +动作(doing)?

--- Yes, he / she is. No, he / she isn't.

例:①A: Is he playing fooball? 他在踢足球吗?

B: Yes, he is. 是的,他是。

②A:Is Amy counting numbers ? Amy正在数数吗?

B:No, she isn’t . 她不是。

--- Are you (they) + 动作(doing?)

--- Yes, we (they) are. / No, we (they) aren't.

例:①A: Are you eating lunch? 你们正在吃午餐吗? B: No, we aren't. 不,我们不是

② A:Are Ling Ming and Xiao Fang doing their homework? 李明和小芳正在做作业吗? B:Yes,we are. 是的,我们是。

run--running swim--swimming sit----sitting

walk--walking jump--jumping fly--flying

swing--swinging sleep---sleeping fight---fighting

drink--drinking climb--climbing have--having

take---taking write----writing













八去t, 九去e

ve要用f 替,ty将y改成ie

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