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一、选出下列每组中划线部分发音不同的一项。(10分) ( )1、A、 B、cl C、 ( )2、A、 B、 C、 ( )3、A、 B、 C、 ( )4、A、 B、 C、( )5、A、 B、 C、 二、选出下列每组中不同类的一项。(10分)

( )1、A、pen B、ruler C、student D、crayon ( )2、A、his B、her C、our D、they ( )3、A、hot B、cold C、sun D、sunny ( )4、A、forty B、fifty C、first D、sixty ( )5、A、December B、Monday C、Tuesday D、Friday 三、单选(30分)

( )1、The boy in red shorts is the .

A、first B、tow C、three D、five

( )2、Li Ming is of the tree.

A、front of B、in front of C、in front

( )3、When is New Year’s Day?

A、January the first B、June the first C、October the ( )4、Is this your pen? No, it .

A、is B、be C、isn’t D、are

( )5、He likes football.

A、to play B、played C、play

( )6、 weather like today? It’s sunny.

A、How’s B、What’s C、Where’s D、When’s

( )7、How tall you?

A、am B、is C、are

( )8、books in the classroom.

A、read B、see C、reads D、sees

first ( )9、do you go to the park? By bus.

A、How B、What C、Whose D、When’s ( )10、How many are there on the desk?

A、pen B、pens C、penes ( )11、I like brown. What you?

A、in B、about C、on D、of

( )12、 is your favourite subject? It’s English.

A、How B、What C、Where D、When ( )13、Teacher’s Day is September the A、ten B、tenth C、ninth

( )14、What it ,Mum? It’s Monday.

A、day B、date C、time

( )15、It is cold in Beijing.

A、cloud B、cloudy C、sun D、snow 四、从右栏中找出左栏问句的正确答语(10分)。

1、Is it Lucy’s pencil? A、October the first. 2、How tall are you ? B、Yes, it is. 3、When is your birthday? C、It’s October 11. 4、Whose crayon is it? D、I’m 1.6 metres. 5、When is National Day? E、It’s her crayon. 五、连词成句。(10分)

1、hambergers, like, I, lunch, for.

2、colour, brown, our, favourite, is. 3、near, I, live, school, the.

4、spring, when, the, is, Festival.

5、evening, I, dinner, in, have, the .

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