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have和has,there be的用法lisa

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Work alone
Complete the following sentences. I _____ have a wide mouth. You ____ have a round face.

has long hair. She\Jane _____

have\ has

He\Kangkang _____ has a big head.

We _____ have big ears.

They _____ have small eyes.

It _____ has a long neck.

用have 和has填空。 1.I have ____ a cat. 2.He ____ has a dog. 3.She ____ has long hair. 4.We have ____ a big house(房子). 5.Theyhave ____ a happy family(家庭). 6.It ____ has a short tail(尾巴). 7.You have ____ a good teacher. 8.Jane has ____ two big eyes. 9.Tom has ____ a red pen. has a beautiful nose. 10.My mother ____

11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

have a nice puppet. I______ has He______a good friend. They______some masks. have We________some flowers. have has She_________a duck. has My father________a new bike. has Her mother_______a vase. has Our teacher_______ an English book Our teachers_______a basketball. have have Their parents(父母)______some book

21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30.

has Nancy_________many skirts. has David__________some jackets. have My friends__________a football. have What do you__________? What does Mike__________? have What do your friends___________? have have What does Helen___________? has His brother________a basketball. Her sister_________a nice doll. has has Miss Li__________an English book.

填写正确的否定形式(don’t/doesn’t) 1.I don’t ____ have a cat. doesn’t 2.He ______ like dogs. 3.She ____ doesn’t have a long hair. 4.Wedon’t ____ have a big house. 5.Theydon’t ____ have a happy family. 6.It doesn’t ____ have a short tail. 7.You don’t ____ like a good teacher. 8.Elvadoesn’t ____ like a bad girl.

9.Tom doesn’t ____ have a red pen. 10.My mother doesn’t ____ have a pen. don’t have two legs. 11.The cats ____ 12.The dogs ____ don’t have one ears. 13.My father doesn’t ____ have a blue car. 14.Everybody doesn’t ____ have two hands. don’t like a model plane. 15.I ____ 16.Lilydoesn’t ____ like a toy.



主语是:I ,you ,we ,they. 人称+人称, 人名+人名,以及复数名词


主语是:she, he , it ,人称(my father), 人名(Jiaming),一个动物

There be (存在)有 句型专题

a.There is +单数可数名词\不可数名词 There is a book on the desk .

There is some water in the bottle. 瓶子里有些水。

b.There are +复数名词
There are some pictures on the wall.

There are two apples in the basket. 篮子里有两个苹果。

There is a cat under the tree.

There are two dogs under the tree.

There is a cat and two dogs under the tree. There are two dogs and a cat under the tree.

there 是个近视眼,只看离there be 最近的单词,单数用there is,复数用 there are。

在there be 句型中 主语是单数,be动词用is; 主语是复数,be动词用are。 若句子中有

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